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Looking for Games Defying 'Conventional Wisdom' of WW2

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  • Looking for Games Defying 'Conventional Wisdom' of WW2

    Most WW2 games from Hearts of Iron onward follow a number of cliches: air attack is extremely effective against armor (a myth which owes its existence to the outrageous inflations of RAF and Soviet pilots which were immediately contradicted by all data, not to mention logical possibility); that armored breakthrough was a big deal and some magical 'Blitzkrieg' was invoked - whereas many historians believe WW2 was another war of attrition, and no one ever used anything like armored breakthrough tactics with any success.

    I'd really like to play a game that basically doesn't replicate self-congratulatory Allied propaganda which is contradicted by not only later research but plenty of evidence from the actual participants on both sides. So many WW2 games are obsessively focused on this breakthrough stuff and, contrary to the History Channel, very little of this seems to have happened at all. German military plans seem to be ad hoc modified from typical WW1 strategy, which actually failed in 2 wars and worked in one (Franco-Prussian).

    A whole lot of this idea of Germany being deep into armaments and having super-weapons is just false/propagandistic or an excuse for the incompetence and horrid organization of the Allied forces. Which is not to deny that they Germans had some idea of what they were doing, but other than being experienced and possessing some high-end heavy industry Germany was outclassed in every possible way by the Allies; and the other Axis members are so far behind as to be distractions at best.

    I know lots of people think this is heresy, but I'd like to play a WW2 game that was based on WW2 and not shallow, sensationalist fantasies and fake-history made up 70 years ago by some shill in a government-funded basement.

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    Your analysis goes a bit too deep. The basic idea behind these games is not some willful misunderstanding of history but rock-paper-scissors. I take it you want grand strategy?
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      The problem is that the under-educated game consumer thinks that the Axis actually had a chance and the game developers cater to them. Most of the time the developers massively overpower the Germans to achieve the historical.

      The only way to get what you want is to mod it yourself.


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        And here I thought it was the Americans that created the myth of air power.

        Your point is valid, but in the end these things still need to be GAMES. If historical accuracy is take to the point where the outcome is inevitable, then its not much of a game any more.


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