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BattleRex: Genghis Khan

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  • BattleRex: Genghis Khan

    A new turnbased strategy game was just released for Android. It is about Genghis Kahn and his unification of the mongolian tribes and then his conquests after that.

    * 20 enemy factions to defeat and conquer in the full campaign.
    * Each of the four scenarios has 6 players owning different parts of the map.
    * Each scenario has 70 provinces and to win one have to conqyer 60 of them.
    * Leaderboards & Achievements.

    Developer website

    It will be out in 1-2 weeks for iOS too on the App Store.


    It is an engaging game and it is not easy to master. There are always several fronts where enemies attack.
    So dividing ones forces into battlegroups is probably necessary.

    Aggressive lightning play seems to work best. No use in standing around guarding provinces. Just all out attack works best.
    Opening as many fronts as possible so that the enemy becomes overwhelmed. Personal opinion.

    Also it takes well over 100 turns to complete a scenario.

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