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90's Naval sail era game

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  • 90's Naval sail era game

    Hello all,

    I've been digging around for a while trying to find an old game that I played a demo of sometime back in the mid or late 90's. It was a sail era strategy game, 2D/faux 3D interface, surprisingly good graphics for its time. You could build coastal forts and shipyards, as well as several classes of ships. I am sorry the description is so vague it has been quite a while since I played and it was merely a demo. If anyone can help, please post screenshots of gameplay and I will likely be able to recognize it.

    Thank all of you for any help.

    Edit: Approximately the same era as Dark Colony...Sci-Fi RTS game.
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    "The Art of War at Sea"?
    Hyperwar: World War II on the World Wide Web
    Hyperwar, Whats New
    World War II Resources
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      Not it, closer to '97 instead of '87.

      Edit: the interface is similar but more advanced to that of "Pirates! Gold"
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        Maybe Age of Sail? It's realtime as far as I remember and I'm not sure if you could build forts and shipyards in it.
        Or maybe Man of War or Wooden Ships & Iron Men.


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          Talonsofts Age of Sail was done in 96. They did an Age of Sail @ in 2001 as well. I played the first one but don't remember much about it now.


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