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Best Strategic Game/Program to generate Tactical Games?

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  • Best Strategic Game/Program to generate Tactical Games?

    I am looking for a game/program that could be used for the strategic component of my tactical wargames. I think a lot of us could use such a game or program, and it may already exist in the form of an old DOS game.
    I would move on the strategic map, and when a tactical battle is generated, I would save the strategic game and set up a scenario in a tactical wargame, then transfer the results back into the strategic game and continue the campaign. I am having some success now using Triple-A and Hearts of Iron, but these are not ideal.

    1. The ideal game would: Have an OK AI, just interesting enough to continue playing solo for a few weeks. However, this AI would have to be dynamic (not require scripting) since Im playing solo.

    2. Have a detailed world map (more detailed or finer scale than provinces) that I could use to make scenarios in different historic regions (HOI is good for this), or have a map editor that a non-programmer can use (Triple-A is difficult). The map could be a simple area movement (like HOI) or even point to point movement.

    3. Either have a combat results input function that would just ask me what the opposing forces look like after the battle (numbers after combat), or be easily edited as a save game. Basically I would write down what the strategic game thought happened in the tactical battle, then edit it to the actual results from my tactical game. Games that save as text files and that have small numbers of forces would be great for that.

    Can anyone think of existing games that do could that? Anyone want to Make one?


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