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Core Techs [Kickstarter] Turn based tactical card game

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  • Core Techs [Kickstarter] Turn based tactical card game

    Hey gang, my name is Matthew ('Weapuh' ingame), I'm a game designer and community manager for Core Techs Tactics (CTT), a fair-to-play turn-based tactical card game for the PC (for the time being). We've developed CTT for the last 2 years with the aim of making the game we've always wanted to play, but never existed until now. I'm visiting a handful of forums who share a similar passion to our own, great tactically oriented games.

    Our core philosophies are:
    • Building the game around community contribution. We're building a platform that ensures every part of the game is mod-able so everyone can make the game they want to play.
      • For example: Build a new type of unit for the Brethren resistance, we'll make sure it's balanced and boom, it's in the game with you as it's creator.

    • Building a platform for the fiercely competitive with seasonal ladders and leader boards, as well as support casual players who just like to build decks.
    • Kill the pay-to-win scheme. It's a shameful practice that's ruining the gaming industry.

    We're currently in the first week of our Kickstarter campaign, and we've been very well received. We're working hard on getting a gameplay video together, but in the meantime we've got a great story trailer and some concept screenshots that show off what it's going to look like. Even check out one of our 'Community Card Casts' on Twitch-tv. Where we have our artist create a character, live, using suggestions from the viewers.

    If you have any questions comments or just want to chat about games, I'll be listening.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    So please check out our kickstarter page

    Visit our website to keep up with production and developer blogs.
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