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Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict AoD update

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  • Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict AoD update


    Save games created with earlier versions are NOT compatible with this patch. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch.

    Downloads (~128MB):
    More mirrors coming soon...



    - fixed a convoy graph reporting error that would in some rare cases show a negative valued graph (mcaryf1)
    - fixed a National Morale Bonus error that did not take into account destroyed Transport units (Dan Fenton)
    - fixed an Upgrade dialog error that sometimes set a unit to 0 Action Points even if no upgrade option had been selected (Dan Fenton)
    - fixed an ANNEXATION script error that did not update the new owner to the various supply and secondary supply locations (Dan Fenton)
    - fixed a Submarine dive error that might lead to a CTD (rjh1971)
    - fixed an HQ attachment error that did not immediately add the HQ rating of a recently attached HQ to a unit (Furchtlosundtrew)
    - fixed a combat error that would cause an air unit that is intercepted by AA and destroyed to have its underlying fortification resource destroyed as well (Robert Hatcher)
    - fixed a unit deployment error that would cause either double deployments or loss of other units that would later be ready for deployment as either new or deployement queue items (Emmette Bird)
    - fixed a FoW unit movement error that could cause a CTD under very unusual and specific circumstances (Alastair)
    - fixed another AI naval reorganization bug that caused the AI to appear to freeze up (dtreller)
    - fixed an HQ attachment error that did not allow for the attachment of units with 0 AP such as Coastal Guns (Falk)
    - fixed a issue where a Carrier destroyed a unit on a Fortification and the underlying fortification was also destroyed (Amona, Clauswitz)
    - fixed a unit movement error for some territories where they were unable to move once they had entered (Falk)
    - fixed a supply after surrender error that would in cases like a French surrender provide maximum supply to UK units still in France if they controlled a French Industrial Center (Ludi1867)
    - units in transit in naval loops will now be counted in the REPORTS dialog (Cats2010)
    - maximum unit morale is now capped at 125%, down from 150%


    - reduced the size of the P/Q dialog to better fit on 1024x768 screens (Amadeus)


    1939 World At War
    - fixed a Victory conditions error that resulted in Axis Tactical victories where there should be at least an Allied Minor victory (Alastair)
    - fixed a DECISION event error that had an incorrect position for Fort De France (Amadeus)
    - fixed several USA land LOOP events to improve destination positions (Amona)
    - fixed a rail connection at Adana (Strategiclayabout)
    - fixed a SURRENDER_1 event for Canada that was missing a tile near St. John's (Strategiclayabout)
    - fixed a duplication of names for the unit builds of the Chinese Garrision unit type (Strategiclayabout)
    - fixed several other unit build types that had missing name such as Italy and the USSR (Strategiclayabout)
    - fixed the city name of Samara to be named as Kuybyshev in the USSR (Amona)
    - fixed the city of Ulan Bator to be named as Magnitogorsk (Amona)
    - fixed all US to China supply events
    - adjusted Chinese unit starting positions to help counter an early game forced march exploit (Catacol Highlander)
    - corrected the rail line from Darwin to Alice Springs as it was only built as far as Larrimah (Cats2010)
    - Indian air units are no longer restricted from Operating outside of their home country (Amona)
    - US Carrier builds increased from 11 to 15 (Amona)
    - US Light Carrier builds increased from 4 to 6 (Bill Runacre)
    - US Mechanized builds increased from 0 to 2 (Strategiclayabout)
    - Strategic Bomber cost increased to 275 MPP and Medium Bomber cost decreased to 250 MPP (Amona, Bill Runacre)
    - Soviet Annexation of Persia event disabled in the SURRENDER_1 event file (Catacol Highlander)
    - Vichy France event adjusted so that a player must decide earlier on if they will support the creation of Vichy France with additional adjustments made to help the French in Algeria if not (Ludi1867)
    - added Osaka as a secondary Japanese capital
    - morale bonuses for a country surrender is now down to [10,20] from [20,30]
    - Belgum will now prepare for war and join the Allies if the Netherlands is attacked by the Axis (Strategiclayabout)
    - Japanese DE for transferring its capital to Seoul can now fire as early as January 1942
    - two of the four Japanese Home Guard events will now fire in 1942 if the Allies satisfy the firing conditions, one for Tokyo and the other for Osaka

    1943 Operation Brilliance
    - Improved A.I. defense of Morocco (steel32)
    - Added surrender script if Allies are kicked out of Spain and Africa (steel32)
    - Reduced entrenchment of forward 3 Axis infantry units in Morocco
    - Changed scenario to objective mode

    1943 Operation Flatiron
    - Added popups for liberation
    - Improved Iceland A.I. defense (steel32)
    - Corrected some text errors
    - Added victory condition for capture of Iceland by Axis (steel32)

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