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  • Jim Cobb
    started a topic Commander: The Great War Update

    Commander: The Great War Update

    Ver 1.4.2 is out.

    V1.4.2 February 20, 2013
    ◦ New land unit Small Garrison added to the game.
    ◦ Small Garrison now has limited movement in that they can't be Transported by Rail.
    ◦ Small Garrison can now be disbanded.
    ◦ Small Garrison can now Swap position with other units.
    ◦ First Russian Revolution date changed from February 1916, to February 1917.
    ◦ USA war entry merchant convoy losses reduced. (USA WAR ENTRY NOW MORE
    ◦ City name change Southampton renamed Portsmouth. (This was the main British Naval
    base during WORLD WAR 1)
    ◦ Additional Fortresses added to the map include : Metz, Novo-Georgievsk, Arad.
    ◦ The following cities have been upgraded to Capitals : Dublin, Helsinki, Algiers,
    ◦ The following additional Cities have been added to the map : Larissa, Kraljevo, Veliko
    ◦ New ports added to the game Cuxhaven, Stettin, Tallin, Oran, Toulon, Cattaro, Suez, Port
    Said, Gaza, Beirut, Aquba & Kuwait.
    ◦ French Infantry unit in North Africa based in Algiers, added to the map.
    ◦ Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania now all have Artillery.
    ◦ Significantly increased Port defensive & offensive bonuses.
    ◦ Home Port & Green Area Defence, now much more of a deterrent too attacking forces.
    ◦ WARNING! Never attack any ship when it is in a home port hex as you will suffer heavy
    ◦ Disbanding your Countries Battlefleets incurs a minus 30 morale penalty.
    ◦ Ship defense increased, Battleships are now much more damage resistant.
    ◦ Russian Battleship now based in Petrograd.
    ◦ Cruisers now have bombardment capability.
    ◦ All Scenario Fleet sizes increased.
    ◦ Battleship, Cruiser build times increased.
    ◦ Anti-Submarine technology upgrade effects reduced. (Submarine warfare is now a viable
    ◦ Submarine Production costs lowered, Build time lowered, Line of sight increased, Attack &
    Defence increased, meaning they are now a potential war winning weapon.
    ◦ Bomber, Artillery effectiveness reduced.
    ◦ Entente has less PPs. (Plus the Entente War Effort Increases In Stages)
    ◦ Central Powers have more PPs. (Germany now has the production capacity to fight a two
    front war Eastern & Western)
    ◦ Garrisons now take 2 turns to build.
    ◦ Infantry now take 4 turns to build.
    ◦ Britain Transport capacity reduced to 2. (Still double any other nation)
    ◦ Fighter aircraft from the start off the war, are little more than Air Recon units.
    ◦ The City of Brugge & Small Garrison in Belgium removed from the game.
    ◦ Belgium now has Transport by rail.
    ◦ Belgium also now has Transport by sea.
    ◦ German Garrison units near Metz fortress, are now Infantry units.
    ◦ Germany now has an additional Artillery unit in the Eastern Front.
    ◦ Bulgaria now does join the war.
    ◦ Canadian Corps now arrive in Britain as per the Event Message.
    ◦ New Convoy Blockaded Message instead of having Russia Blockade German ports in the
    Baltic, It is now much more generic, Entente blockade Central Powers on the high seas, one
    message fits all, be it the North sea, Baltic, Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic.
    ◦ Fixed Russian & Turkey Commanders activations.
    ◦ Persia now has Production capability & land forces to protect its borders.
    ◦ Production points are now shown after city names on the map.
    Bug Fixes
    ◦ Replay MP bug fixes
    ◦ Disband bug fix
    ◦ Crash with ships in port fix
    ◦ Some Map fixes
    ◦ MP chat fix
    ◦ Unit naming fix
    ◦ Mouse movement fix
    ◦ Drag map and accidental order fix
    ◦ Various other little bug fixes
    Technical Changes
    ◦ Increase in loading speeds
    ◦ Increase in rendering speeds
    ◦ Better and more compatibility with various hardware and drivers
    ◦ MP stability improved
    ◦ Memory usage optimized
    ◦ Various other engine updates

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