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    Mark Walker here (the designer). Tom (the programmer) and I thank you for posting the AARs and answering everyone's questions.

    like ASL
    Argh! I hate the comparison. ASL is all about statistics, rules, and probabilities. Lock 'n Load is all about people, heroes, and the chaos of war. That said, the scale is the same.



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      Before the next scenario I get access to a resource screen. I have two Resource points for upgrading units, plus I may choose two additional units which will be part of a ‘core’ force that will stay with me (if they survive). I use the 2 RP to heal Wurtz, who was wounded in the last fight, and choose a StuG III and a rifle squad.

      This scenario is Just Another Village; my force must clear a village on the east side of Stalingrad.

      Victory conditions: Lt. Wurtz must survive, capture 7 victory locations.

      Forces: KG Wurtz: Lt. Wurtz, core rifle squad.
      KG Koch: Lt. Koch, three rifle squads, one MG-34
      KG Eisenbach: Cpl. Eisenbach, two rifle squads, one MG-34
      KG 1: three rifle squads, one MG-34
      StuG III

      Turn One
      The first objective is a cottage on the south edge of the village. I send the StuG up the road, not too close, and send KG 1 following it using the assault gun for cover. KG 1 draws fire from a DshK in the stone (green) building KG Koch moves across the road to a copse of trees just north of the StuG. KG Eisenbach rushes the cottage, taking small arms fire from infantry in the wood building four hexes to the north, but ignores the fire. KG Wurtz moves up to a flanking position to the east. Soviet infantry immediately move to counter-attack positions.

      Turn Two
      A Mrk IVf1 arrives as support. KG Eisenbach decimates a Soviet squad, and the StuG moves up alongside the cottage in support, KG 1 close behind. KG Koch rushes the next location, a cottage one hex away from KG Eisenbach, and secures it in close combat. The Mrk IV advances, and suppresses the Dshk. KG Wurtz moves north.

      Turn Three (Two hexes controlled)
      A StuG 33 arrives. The Mrk IV suppresses the DshK, and KG Wurtz catches Soviet infantry crossing the wheat field north of the road and takes them under fire, wounding a leader and suppressing the infantry. KG Eisenbach rushes forward and seizes the DshK position. KG Koch, evading small arms fore, storms a cottage adjacent to the former Dshk building, killing a Commissar in the process. KG 1moves up to occupy KG Koch’s former position.

      Turn Four (Four hexes controlled)
      (Screenshot taken after Soviets make first move) KG Wurtz decimates a Soviet squad attacking across the road. The Mrk IV advances flanking west, spots and suppresses a sniper. StuG fires on a cottage full of Soviet infantry with no visible effect. StuG 33 moves up to the north road, spotting a large number of Soviet infantry in the NW victory location and an adjacent field. The infantry fire (including AT rifles) panics the crew.

      KG Eisenbach lays down smoke and suppressing fore; KG Koch rushes across the road and clears a cottage in close combat. KG Koch spots an AT gun adjacent to their position.

      Turn Five (Five hexes held)
      The StuG 33 fails to rally. The Mrk IV moves up. KG Koch over-runs the AT gun, while KG Wurtz eliminates the wounded hero. StuG moves up to support. KG Eisenback storms the northwest victory hex, eliminating a Soviet Leader and two rifle squads in close combat, but losing one squad itself. Soviet AT rifle teams close in on the suppressed StuG 33.

      The Mrk IV moves up to support the StuG 33, and decimates one AT team. KG 1 moves up as well, takes heavy fire; one squad is pinned, but a soldier distinguished himself. KG 1 is now KG Frie.

      Turn Six (Six hexes held)
      Our position is precarious-while we hold nearly all the village, we have had to leave key positions undefended, and time is running out.

      (Screenshot taken after Soviets make first move)

      The StuG 33 rallies, KG Eisenback secures a Soviet LMG. A Soviet AT team suppresses the Mrk IV. KG Koch re-occupied their cottage, but draws heavy fire from a nearby unit, becoming pinned, and having two squads decimated. A soldier in the KG is noted for his bravery. KG Frei storms the last key point and secures it in close combat, eliminating a leader and two rifle squads. KG Eisenbach decimates the Soviet force firing upon KG Koch. StuG 33 over-runs a Soviet AT team.

      Turn Seven
      KG Koch defeats a Soviet assault in close combat.

      German Victory.
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      Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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        Hello Mark and Tom. Firstly, thank you for designing (and programming) a fantastic game. For me, as an old board-and-counter gamer from 30+ years ago, it's amazing to have this format in super technicolour on a PC!

        You're right, ASL was all about statistics, rules, etc. What you have done is to let the program work all that stuff out in the background, and give us the people, heroes and chaos of war.

        I'm absolutely loving it!

        Andy (from the UK)


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