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  • Another Recommend me a game thread!

    Hi All,

    I've spent the last bunch of hours trying to find myself another grand strategy game that I can really sink my teeth into. But just ended up getting very lost.

    Been a very big fan of the Hearts of Iron series and particullarly been playing HOI3 multiplayer for the last year or so. Its been fantastic but a huge limitation is that the group has to be online together and finding players that can consistently play regullarly at the same time.

    I figured that if I opened up my options to include PBEM play, then it wouldn't matter where in the world my enemies are! And could include some gems I really haven't been aware of.

    Gary Gisgby's war in the Pacific really seemed to have all the ticks but its a bit old now and the community has died and it seems to take years to finish a game! And the latest, war in the East seems like micromanagement hell, without the depth that could come from such micromanagement.

    I really dont mind what the setting is, be it Napoloeonic, WWII or even space empire things. But ideally it will include economic management of some form, a lot of fighting and generally the more complex the better and could take a few months to finish a game.

    If something like this exists, especially if theres a tight community around it, please throw it my way!

    A BattleMoose

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    Heh, Dominions 4. Rated 9.4 out of 10.

    Here's the Forum. Also where you buy the digital download.

    It has the best interaction with the Devs of any game I've seen. I played Dom 3 for about 8 years before the upgrade came. Now I'm playing the early age druids with a Gorgon that I designed the magic paths and dominion scales. I'm in second place right now and about to unleash a spell I just researched. Gifts from Heaven which unleashes three meteors per casting.

    I'm in competition with Frost Giants who unleash a frozen aura and are mighty both in combat and as casters. Next are a race of Conan wannabes who are masters of crafting magic weapons. The nation I just declared war on are a bunch of Ancient Elves who are masters of illusion and air magic. Two races that just fell are Tien Chi (based on Chinese mythos) and Mictlan land of the Aztecs.

    Think of it as a miniatures game with troops that you have to deploy in a wise fashion with mages and monsters who are mighty.

    Also the players are very helpful in discussing strategy and tactics. It's a very deep game with lots of replay value in single player. And well, Multi-Player is why you play the game.
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      actually i think there seems to be a pretty active community still for War in the Pacific AE. I have War in the East and though also that it would be too fiddly but actually you can play them as complex or as simple as you like. There is a lot of information but you dont need to spend every time checking check it .

      I also would really recommend The Operation Art of War 3 - the most number of scenarios i have ever seen and it is ingenious with all the factors that it has easily worked into the game. One of this types of games where you win by using real strategy and not gamey tactics. PBEM is excellent for it too. I like how it measures time taken in determining how much you can do in turn, relative to what you have done so far. It has hundreds of historical scenarios from ww1 up to the present.
      but overall there are hundreds of good options out today - check at Matrix Games though for some of the best


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        I also recommend TOAW3. Matrix has a great WW1 game. You can find their games for less on
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          I'd also add a vote for TOAW III, but let's try and be a bit more productive - Time of Fury ate many, many hours of my time in the quest to discover the greatest grand strategic turn based WWII game. (And the jury is still out, by the way!)

          Diplomacy, production, research, random AI (not the exact same behavior every time), can play as almost any country/countries, large map, many different campaigns, convoys & the Atlantic War, strategic combat, hundreds of events, etc...

          Worth a look!
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            For American Civil war: Forge of Freedom
            For Napoleonics: Crown of Glory


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