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Civilization 4: Your Best Cities/Victories etc

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  • Civilization 4: Your Best Cities/Victories etc

    Hi all!

    As a big Civ fan, my favourite is Civ 4 by far. Civ 2 is a close second just for nostalgia mainly but anyway....

    Myself and a friend of mine are playing a internet game at the moment against 6 other AI or so. We're not teaming or anything, he's just too far to attack right now. After comparing a few cities, I noticed my science output in my second cap was 373 or something ridiculous. His best output for sci is only 190? Has anyone else hit a massive output like this? The year of my game currently is 1941, and I have just started to nuke Russia since they're my biggest rival. Yes, nukes.

    Now I don't know if there are many people here with an advanced knowledge of Civ, but I have indeed made this city into a supertech city and settled all my GP scientists in there.

    I'm only posting this thread to see what kind of mad cities you have got or intense victories you have achieved.
    - FA

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    I don't know what level your playing at, but I've had a city producing over 500 science towards the end. The important thing is to build learning improvements all in the same place as your concentration of scientists and try to produce the most commerce there too. You should have all your scientists, engineers, and priests in a city with all possible monasteries, bank, lots of towns, windmills, grocery, library, university, Oxford, lab and anything else that adds to the money production in your city. If you have bureaucracy then that city should be your capital too. Religion "free religion", government "representation", "pacifist".
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      I usually play Prince/Emp, but truth be told I could play a lot slower and try build my cities properly. Also, thinking about every single move is usually quite a big thing in Civ, but I tend to start to drift off and stop thinking about advance moves.

      Will defiantly start playing again soon!
      - FA


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        All the research improvements stack in CIV 4. So, if you have a library, science academy, a university and oxford all in the same city it will produced 1.25 x 1.5 x 1.25 x 2 times the amount of research it would normally produce (IIRC). Also, Representative Government, Bureaucracy (if your "science" city is the capitol) and Pacifist will multiply your research. I try to send every scientist to join the same city as my other scientists because their research will get multiplied by the improvements and they will produce additional scientists too. There is definitely a optimum path for research.


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