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turn-based strategy games wanted (mid-level)

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  • turn-based strategy games wanted (mid-level)

    mid-level difficulty; strategic command is great; europa too slow, fantasy wars too simple; empires of steel too much like civ., grand strategy or other; dell xps 410, 2.13 dual core, 512mb on video card, 4gb ram; thanks american civil war too involved; thanks

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    I was trawling through an old chess forum and found this game - Fantasy Hex Wars. I've only been playing it for a week or two, but now I think I'm starting to get to grips with it and it seems like a great strategy game. Forewarning - this isn't a flashy graphics game in any way, but the gameplay, whilst relatively easy to pick up, seems strategically very strong. Interesting reading what the guy who wrote the game says - essentially he wanted a turn-based game that didn't rely on members paying money (a refreshing change that someone writes just for fun :P). He describes it as a mix between risk, diplomacy and correspondence chess, and that seems fairly accurate. There's only a handful of players at the minute, but they are all active. Could do with a few more players (especially new ones, as I'm getting beaten in all the ones I'm playing at the minute so be nice to have someone more noobish than myself - I might actually win a game).

    I dont know if this is gonna be what you were thinking of, but I enjoy it, so thought you may be interested. And being free, nothing to lose I guess.

    I can't post the link - new to this forum. However, if you google Fantasy Hex Wars, you'll see it under Fyshgames (the guy who wrote it is called Fysh).


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      -- Strategic command has a WWI engine
      -- Panzer General or Panzer Corps
      -- Wesnoth -- fantasy simpler than PG but still good and arguably mid-level
      -- Medieval Battles -or title similar to that from Slitherine
      -- Civilization
      -- Warlock Master of Arcane - combat oriented fantasy civ. If you want deeper do the Civ IV mod: "Fall from Heaven".
      -- Conflict of Heroes -- turn based squad level combat based on boardgame. well received
      -- Field of Glory -- Slitherine Co. Ancients, Medieval battles.

      Good luck :-)
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        if you want an online game you should check out this site (cant post link) it has A&A map plus lots more and a good bunch of players,iv been playing for a year or so now and am still hooked


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