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Just installed Panzer General Forever and...

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  • Just installed Panzer General Forever and...

    I must say that I'm completely new to that kind of games and Panzer General Forever (PGF) is my first ever (btw, shame on me for living in ignorance for such a long time) But better late than never I guess

    Nevertheless, I installed it only yesterday and been trying to play Meuse scenario a few times but never had a chance to finish it because something strange happens during the gameplay. The problem is that when it's AI turn it won't finish at all and I cannot start my turn Could anyone please tell me what might be the cause of that and how to fix it?

    And one more thing, as playing this game (which is really nice for a noob like me) there are couple of things that I don't like. For example, the way airplanes are used. I'd rather see them flying from airports, than attack some enemy units and come back to their bases. Also the map is very poor in topographic details and lacks some graphics for various kinds of terrain (forests, mountains, roads, towns, villages, and so on). And I'd love to see some detailed and historically accurate information on all units and their equipment.

    I know that I cannot have too high expectations for this game as it was made for free by fans but maybe someone could recommend me other games that would meet my requirements?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    I have it right here on my office desk-top it runs flawlessly.

    Could you have some compatibility issues with your OS?

    There are specific albeit rudimentary graphics for various kinds of terrain and I have never experienced gameplay issues like the one you discribe

    The planes start do start out at an airfield (you can only deploy them adjacent to one) - although if you're experiencing graphical issues you may not notice them, they're fairly minimalistic.

    You can move the planes around freely but they have to return to base to refuel/repair before they run dry.

    May also be you have some other version, as I do not have a "Meuse" scenario, just "Low Countries" and "France".

    Great game nonetheless - grtz.
    Major Atticus Finch - ACW Rainbow Game.


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      I'm sorry I forgot to write I'm using PGF v1.01. I found it while browsing through topic on but didn't come across any issues like mine:/ So I guess I try to post in there.

      And as it comes to airplanes and airfields - I can't see any airfield signs on map (I wanted to post a screenshot of this Meuse map but I'm not allowed to do so:/)

      Btw, as I've never played games like PGF and cannot find a manual for it, I would have a couple more questions:

      1. Regarding options sceen - "Prestige" (it says 100% now) - what it means actually?
      2. Experience (set to zero) - is it difficulty level maybe?
      3. Option "Hidden Units" (it's ticked by default) - what are those units and should I leave it as it is now or uncheck?
      4. Can't see any victory locations on map (like in Close Combat games) or any places of high strategic importance. So how this game works in general - what should be my priorities? Is it only defeating enemy units that are located on map? What about capturing some strongholds, towns, bridges, airfields?

      Many thanks for your help.


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        I really think you're experiencing some problems that are not inherent to the game, but to your specific installation.

        1)Prestige points are awarded for destroying enemy units and taking objectives.

        They allow you to purchase new units, during or beween battles or upgrade existing ones.

        The percentage, obviously, determines how much of those you and the enemy gain per untit destroyed, objective taken.

        It may affect purchasing cost also not sure.

        2)Experience is calculated for individual units, it carries over from one scenario to the next in a campaign game, the percentage determines how quickly yours and enemy units gain experience.

        It allows you to nurture crack units who become very powerful late-game.

        3)"Hiden units" lets you play with F(og) O(f) W(ar), enemy units have to be spotted by your own to become visible, unchecked they are always visible.

        4)Victory locations have small national flags in the tactical map, green or white hexes in the strategic view.

        Airfields, in my version at least, are hexes with an airfield-picture, two white runways, a couple of hangars and three small plains.

        I seem to have version 1.0 btw, don't know if that may be the issue.

        Hope this helps
        Major Atticus Finch - ACW Rainbow Game.


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          I have played PG for over 10 years now. I downloaded PGF when it was first offered. There are times when I have to delete the game and re-download when the game screws up. Certain games I have noticed have areas where the game will freeze if I try to do certain actions there. All you can do is stop the game.

          When I first downloaded the game, I played a long time without any problems. Now the game is more prone to problems.

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            Just a classic.


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              I've been playing Panzer Korps for quite some time and am now going through all of the downloadable campaigns. It's a great trip down memory lane.

              I'd shell out the few bucks for Panzer Korps and enjoy a modern version of the same game.
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                or you could buy panzer general 2 at its cheap. it also has fantasy wars if you feel like a fantasy setting, an expansion is elven legacy complete from download stores like gamersgate.

                ive got panzer korps but have not played it much.

                check out matrix games for some good turn based strategy games or battlefront who do close combat also do strategic command.

                personally im playing commander europe at war at the moment which i like but it may not be your type of game idk. ive downloaded world in flames i think its called that as well..


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                  I second the suggestion to buy Panzer General 2 from This will play on modern windows machines, is DRM free, and is much better than the first Panzer General. It will run on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and costs $10.


                  If that ends up being a hit, I would buy Panzer Corps which is also excellent (but is $25).


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