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Combat Command Matrix Edition: - my mini review Part 1

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  • Combat Command Matrix Edition: - my mini review Part 1

    This is a very basic classic style hex based wargame.

    The game is very simple. It is a joy to play a simple game!

    A very cheap wargame.

    Small file so that the download is very quick.

    Turn based hex based wargame

    Opponents: AI, PBEM, Hotseat

    The AI is very good because the game is simple.

    Requires Low system specs: I run the game on my netbook.

    There are 42 scenarios
    The scenarios are set on the Western front, Eastern front, North Africa, Italy and the Pacific.

    The scenarios range in size from 7 turns to 60 turns.

    Some are listed below.

    The units are mostly company sized (3 platoons). Some units are only 2 platoons or one platoon in strength.
    Each green spot on the counter represents one platoon. Note the number of green spots on the next screen shot

    Each hex is about 500 meters across. The map sizes of the different scenarios range from 30 X 25 hexes up to 100 x 75 hexes.

    There are 3 zoom levels

    It is called “Combat Command” due to the way the command system works. In the next screenshot, I have set up a scenario. Four US units are about to attack a German unit.

    Note that 2 of the US units are from one regiment and the other 2 are from a second regiment.

    Let’s assume their attack values total 200 points and the defense value is 50. In a traditional wargame you would attack at odds of 4-1.

    The US units are under different regimental commanders so, unlike a traditional wargame, you must put in 2 attacks each of 2-1.

    Yes you can change the command structure. So, during the turn, you choose to change the command so that all 4 units are now under the same command. In fact it does not happen straight away. The change of command takes effect at the start of the next turn. So the player has a choice:

    2 attacks each at 2-1 this turn or one attack at 4-1 the following turn.
    In the same manner, artillery can be attached to HQ units and then they too can be included in any attacks.

    Notice in the combat screen we have units from both divisions together with their divisional artillery.

    Note also the combat dice is a 10 sided dice

    In this case we elected to use units of the 2nd Division together with their artillery and some off board air support.

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