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New turned based game - playtesters wanted

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  • New turned based game - playtesters wanted

    Hi all

    I'm working on a new turn based strategy game, where different wizards battle it out for supremacy...

    Currently the game is based on XNA, and very much in alpha, with simple placeholder graphics and a number of features still to be added. I'm looking for dedicated turn based players to try it out and provide feedback on how to improve and expand the gameplay side of it.

    If you're interested you can download it from:

    The archive password is "convent" (without the speechmarks). Currently the game has no AI - as the game systems are not complete yet - it's setup for hotseat multiplayer.

    Please post up any feedback here, thanks!

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    Since I can't send PM(s) I will just post this out here in the open. Stupid 5 post no-PM policy!

    I saw that you were developing a turn based RPG and figured I would download it and check it out. It is not bad for a little demo.

    I, too, am developing a turn based Strategy RPG in XNA 4.0 written in C#.

    screen shot:

    I have been working on it for a month or two so far. I am making really good progress and have a lot of things already fleshed out. I use tIDE as a tile editor, Mercury Particle Engine for particles (does an excellent job -- can't beat it!) and will be writing my own app for creating characters/enemies/equipment/dialog, etc.

    I have fully implemented the A* algorithm for path finding, have all the ground work laid, and have written a GUI for XNA with movable windows and such (so far, a label control, button control, message box control, picture box, progress bar).

    This is not my first XNA project, but the first one in which I will release a paid product at the end.

    The basis of my game is that you are some "being" that can control mortals. You have a certain number of Influence points (IP) per round and characters have a certain number of AP per round. You take control of characters and play through the game picking up new characters, dropping them, etc.. throughout. The dialog system will be very unique as each character will have their own personality and their dialog responses/options are tied to it. You are also not tied to one story path like in most SRPG(s). There will be several story paths for you to take and your actions will decide that. All characters are randomized and no two play throughs will be the same. There will be loot porn! The loot system will be like Diablo in that equipment is randomly generated based on a base item with added prefix and suffix that give them additional bonuses and such. There are a total of 5 races and 11 classes each with their own style of play, personality, etc. Players only get a random selection of 4 skills/spells for each character out of a planned 10-15 per character. I could go into much more detail, but I will keep this brief.

    There is a ton to do and I am currently looking for an individual, who enjoys turn based games, and knows how to program C#/XNA. I know you have already started a project -- but if you are interested in combining our work effort we could certainly produce a product faster -- and probably better than either of us can on our own. I already have a published author who will be writing the story/dialog and I also have a good graphics developer (not shown in the screen shot -- all of those graphics were created by me with freeware web tools).

    If this is something that interests you please send me an e-mail at brian{at}enigmaticgames(dot)com also CC brian(at)clarkhouse{dot}org -- sometimes google likes to screw up and not forward my enigmaticgames domain to my clarkhouse e-mail -- which is the only e-mail I check.

    You can also chat w/ me on IRC ( channel ##XNA as I am typically online utilizing the nick Kewlb. In the meantime, back to programming for me!


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      i downloaded and installed the game but during install kaspersky said it was accessing protected password storage, i was not sure whether to trust it so blocked it. after that it crashed when run.

      i have an interest in indie games so good luck to you but cant call myself a programmer or artist more a game designer if i can even call myself that.. theres a good forum at gamedev i check out now and then to look at interesting indie projects.


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