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  • Harpoon: WWII

    Has anyone developed any WWII scenarios for Harpoon? It seems to be a nutural fit, but I can't find any. I woulda thunk they'd have come up with some.

    Let me know if you know of any.

    Otherwise, if anyone has a great sim for WWII, especially naval warfare, please let me know.


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    Larry Bond developed a WWII version of Harpoon called World War II: Command at Sea. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, it was never developed into a computer game.

    As for other games you might find suitable, I'll defer to Herman....

    I wish one day SES would release a WWII in the Pacific version of Distant Guns / Jutland.
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      Command at Sea is not available for computer Harpoon. One person was working on creation of a CaS database for it, but he passed away recently.

      There are others who have written databases and scenarios for computer Harpoon. You can find them here:

      However, I do not feel that computer Harpoon is a good representation of WW2 combat primarily due to the lack of gunnery firing arcs. This means that all ships can fire all guns in any direction without restriction.

      There are other great games out there for WW2 such as Warship Combat: Navies at War and Action Stations. AS is a free download from
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        Thanks Herman & Rooks. I appreciate the help!


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