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    I played Civ I to IV, but not V. I am fan of earlier versions, so after civ IV I probably won't be trying this one.


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      Originally posted by bvanevery View Post
      III had this horrible city rebellion thing where you had to effectively conquer nearly every city twice.
      That was a brilliant innovation not a problem.


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        CIV 5 really pushed tactics when they implemented the "no unit stacking" feature.

        That gave me nightmares in 4 when "oh look it's only 1 musket man...nope, wait...its 7 war elephants, 10 musket men, and a chariot ( for some reason )"

        Aside from that, I love the way 5 looks and feels, but I'm still kinda sad they took out the religious, government, etc, panels you could change.

        Base vote, I love civ


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          I have been a huge Civ fan since I was a kid and signed out Civ 1 at the town library...

          I just started playing Civ 5 again after about a year's absence. I must say that the beginning of the game is what I really love, as it definitely slows down toward the Renaissance and Industrial periods. They used to stress that you could compete for a victory even with just 3 or 4 cities, but I have yet to find that to be the case. Also, war seems a little TOO inevitable and my neighbors attack me no matter how civil I am to them!


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            Originally posted by Jestre View Post
            I too refuse to purchase Steam games so Civ V, Total War, Elder Scrolls etc are off my to-buy list. Too bad those games cant give you a choice of a non-steam version for those of us that dont care about multiplayer.
            Why does everyone hate steam games?
            “Come and take it!"


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              You should try Warlock: Master of the Arcane. It's basically just like Civ V only with magic, and each civilization is a different race of sorts. They're giving out a bunch of copies on TechZwn.


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