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WWIIOnline a combined arms sim starting in 1940 Europe

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  • WWIIOnline a combined arms sim starting in 1940 Europe

    For almost 18 years, folks have been re-fighting the german invasion of France and the Low Countries, on a half-sized scale map of Europe, with historically accurate equipment, ballistics, damage modeling, etc. The game pre-dates the birth of this magazine/community. And yet, how many people even know about it?

    If you play Hearts of Iron (whichever version you prefer), you should check WWIIOnline out, as there is a player-led strategic level to the game.

    If you play any WWII FPS, you should try WWIIOnline. Battles in COD last for 15 or so minutes, if memory serves. Then it's off to the next map/game, most likely with new people and so on. Battles in WWIIOnline last as long as they need to, i.e. there is no time limit.

    I have been involved in the WWIIOnline community since before the game came out. It is huge in scope, and although I have played (and adored) Hearts of Iron (II was my favorite for those scoring at home), it doesn't measure up to WWIIOnline, where your Generals have the option of watching TV instead of playing, i.e. where true leadership has to happen or the orders given are meaningless. I have played most of the COD games (I didn't bother with the ones where running along walls was an option), extensively both in campaign and online, but COD, although the graphics are admittedly far better than WWIIOnline's, simply doesn't match up with what can be done in WWIIOnline. If memory serves, 32 or so people can duke it out in COD on a 1 or 2 square kilometer 'map'. WWIIOnline has no such limiter----there can (and have been) battles with over a thousand people involved simultaneously----as Infantrymen, anti-tank towed guns, tanks, fighter planes, bombers, and so on.

    In WWIIOnline, one can drive (or fly, or walk) from Dunkirk to Frankfurt. Not enough tanks in your town to hold off the hun? Drive them up from another town, or contact your player-led High Command to move another brigade into your area.

    Anyway, it's a great game. The learning curve is steep, but not as steep as HOI. The infantry gameplay is not perfect, but then again people aren't running along walls, or jumping all over the place, either. The graphics aren't as good as COD's, but then again when I fire a tank round, and a truck gets in the way of the round before it arrives on my intended target, the truck gets hit, (the rounds in-game actually travel, which is not the norm in FPS games---well it wasn't, other games are starting to move into that realm, finally).

    Damage modeling is historically accurate. Want to know what happens when an R35 runs into a PzIIIF? Find out in WWIIOnline. Want to know what happens when the RAF and Luftwaffe tangle in the air over Sedan? Find out in WWIIOnline.

    Ask me about the game. I can help. It has a Free to Play option with limited access to equipment. There is also DLC available, and full-on subscriptions. For the cost of 1 large pizza per month from your local non-chain pizza joint, you can access all equipment (once you earn rank). 1 large pizza will not be missed once you are immersed in 1940 France's quest to survive (or 1940 Germany's quest to conquer).


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    The axis is attempting to break thru at specific spots in Northern France. For the past 24 hours, they have been alternating between hitting: La Fere, Bohain, Tournai, and Landrecies. Their intention is clear: To either break thru by force of arms, or attrit Allied forces to the point where the axis can not only take one or more of the towns, but exploit the resulting lack of Allied man and material, with an eye towards taking the remaining factory towns to satisfy victory conditions as they sit today.

    The Allies have improved their defensive efforts, in part because they have been fighting over the same ground for days now. The Allies have made it quite difficult for the axis to set up their mobile spawns, and have been interdicting axis forward bases via air and ground efforts.


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      The axis' strategy seems to be working, both in taking Allied territory and in breaking the will of some of the defenders. Unless the Allies can get it together, it looks like Campaign 159 is going to be an Axis victory.

      Due to morale issues, the Axis has enjoyed a bit of a numbers advantage on at some parts of the day (the war never stops in WWIIOnline), thus they have the ability to set off the Early Warning System (EWS) at numerous Allied towns, stretching our early defensive efforts past the breaking point. Then the ATGs and Panzers arrive on scene, killing the notional ai gun emplacements, clearing a path for their Infantry to stream into town and take it from the Allies.

      By the time Allied leaders get their troops into the town needing defending, the 109s, 110s, Stukas and He111s arrive, making life hazardous and all too short for Allied defenders.

      If the Axis have chosen their target objective wisely, they are able to send Panzer brigades against French Infantry brigades, making life easy on Axis tank drivers. The French R35s and Panhards are not effective in tank on tank battles, and there are precious few French Brigades equipped with S35 Somuas, and Charbis heavy tanks.



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        Please, if anyone has questions about WWIIOnline, let me know. If I don't know the answer I have access to those who can. No other WWII game has a persistent environment, with no player limits (for a battle), in a combined arms setting.


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          WWIIOnline has a free to play element, in that folks can try out the game as a rifleman (or truck driver), to experience the hugeness of WWIIOnline without having to pay for it. Additionally, each campaign, CRS (the game developers) designate other equipment as being available to F2P players.


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