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  • Black Shark or Longbow 2

    Hello everyone! I am now looking for a helicopter combat simulator. I have found DCS: Black Shark and Jane's Apace Longbow 2. Now I have to decide between the two. Though having no former experience with the two or any other helicopter simulators, beside FSX, I am at a loss to find the one that I want.

    On a side note. I have been reading the other thread that are somewhat related to these. But I one conversation going in one thread so I can further narrow down or add options.

    I have heard that Jane's Apace Longbow 2 has a few problems running on modern machines. Is this something that can be fixed by changing the compatibility mode?

    I want something that is going to be somewhat challenging yet fun. Maybe something along the ideas of IL-2 skill changes. You can turn different things on and off, to kind of ease into it.

    What are the different types of missions that each game has? Do the get really redundant and feels like you are doing the same thing time after time?

    Would you classify them as a simulator or game?

    I will probably be able to think up some more questions later. But any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Anything guys?
    In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes
    - Benjamin Franklin, U.S. statesman, author, and scientist


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      I have Blackshark but have yet to play it.

      I swear by Janes LB2 as still being the quintessential rotary sim but as you noted, it has difficulty with modern machines. A few years back I had links for mods that would make it run but, alas, the links are no longer any good and they were for pre-Win7 machines. I have no idea how a Win7 machine might react.

      If you can get it to run, I'd go with LB2.

      Back when I could get the game to run, an Apache pilot friend stated that LB2 was about as close to the real thing as you could get. It has a dynamic campaign and allows you fly the AH-64A, AH-64D, OH-58D, and UH-60. You can control load out and missions for the entire Sqdn, including pilot and airframe selection. The Red Force AI isn't too bad and opposing helicopters and fighters can be particularly challenging. Sneak and Peak is essential: spend too much time above 150' and you'll quickly be put out of action by any number of AAA and AA systems.

      Missions are normal Cav fare: Deep Strike, Screen, Recon, and Escort.
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