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Ability is nothing without opportunity.

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  • Ability is nothing without opportunity.

    Hi guys im new here, so hello to all its gr8 to be part of NTW community. I'm here to say that i have awesome NTW commentary videos on my youtube channel called saiedz i promise you guys won't be dissappointed, especially the one about unicorns. This is by far one of my most favorite games of all time, and you will see how cinematic i make my videos showing you action you won't believe that happens. I even have an introduction. So i would really really really appreciate if you guys check it out i put alot of hard work into this and i would love some feedback feel free to comment rate and subscribe. Thanks in advance. Peace

    here is a link to one of my videos check it out guys:

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    Great, I love it


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      Thanks wilpanzer i am uploading another one tommorow or after tommorow, so stay in tuned and if you've subbed to my channel then you will know as soon as i have uploaded it.


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        Hey man awesome video. I like how you say a lot more than just "ok, now his guys are there... now i'm gonna do this" etc. like some commentaries lol. You have some good insights, hope to see you on the battlefield. Steam: iwrestledabeartwice


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