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  • Civil War/Revolutionary War Game

    Yes, another thread devoted towards looking for a game. I decided to make a new thread because I didn't want to hijack anyone's thread and this is pretty specific.

    Are there any games out there that take place in the Civil/Revolutionary War that you can play a campaign in, and it keeps track of stats. For instance, in Rome Total War, I believe you can see how many kills your favorite unit has, or if not specifically the number, they gained experience. I used to have a mod with the real legions, and I grew attacked to some of them because some lasted so long. Also with historical generals included that I can use. I want this same experience, but in one of the 2 mentioned events. I would love an RTS, but a Turn Based game is just as good. I tried "For Liberty!" but found it a little lacking and looked kinda of crappy. If it is the ONLY game out there, Ill give it another shot.

    Brief version for you lazy folks:

    Civil or Revolutionary war game with units and generals that are historically accurate. So if I fight the Civil War, I want to see all of the famous generals and when I use them I want to to gain XP, or be able to keep track of kills etc.

    Games played:
    Napoleon: Total War- not enough government, diplomacy
    Empire: Total War- ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    "For Liberty!"- Drab graphics, awkward but am willing to give it another go

    Oh, sorry, and one last thing.
    If possible, a playable demo would be great, so I can try before I buy

    Thanks so much!

    EDIT: I have Windows 7
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    Maybe Mosby's confederacy or American Civil War: Take Command Second Manassas? You could also give imperial glory a try.
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      Scourge of War - Gettysburg has just been released This seems to be right in the area of what you are looking for.


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