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  • Looking for a game

    Hey guys, i am looking for a game that takes place in the 18th century or something close to that, (just played napoleon total war) and i fell in love with the strategy and also the "line infantry" does anyone know of a game like this?
    I remember playing games like this b4 but google cant find anything that suits my preferences

    Prefered game contents:
    • Good Strategy
    • Muskets
    • Line infantry
    • Fun Building
    • Naval combat (not required)

    Thanks in advance

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    just released.

    N:TW is a child's game in comparison.


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      Post Deleted Due To Use Of Proscribed Racial Term!

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        The Victoria series is a little bit after that. it starts 1836. You can get Victoria: Revolutions or wait for Victoria 2


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          Imperial Glory is quite a nice game, it has almost the same map as Napoleon: total war but a bit smaller. You can play as Austria, Prussia, France, Russia and Britain. There are technologies to research and you can peacefully annex nations-other than the main countries-it feels a lot like the total war series.


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