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  • Napoleon: Total War

    It should be out now and I plan to get it and try it out over the weekend.

    Has anyone tried it out yet?
    Significantly better then Empire
    No real improvement
    Has only gotten worse
    Wtf is this s*!?

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    Haven't tried it; but I expect it to be the same as ETW which also sucked.


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      I got it, I like it a lot(although I also liked empire too, >:| Vita)

      Here are a couple of things I've noticed so far

      1. Eye candy galore, aside from the expected like dead cavalrymen being dragged behind their horses (haven't seen any skeletons yet) you have everything from boards being nailed over holes on ships and battlefields covered with gunpowder smoke to scars and craters on any ground hit by artillery.

      2. Most units are a lot less picky about when they shoot and you usually aren't stuck trying to get your formation perfect under fire while none of your troops shoot back.

      3. Dragoons seem to be making a comeback. It seems as though most cavalry can either fire from horseback or dismount and fire. Britain's cavalry is almost all dragoons.

      4. Rockets seem to be slightly better, although partly because now there are almost no mortars and howitzers seem to be more line of sight artillery than arcing artillery.

      5. The mini map is much better, they got rid of the pictures and now you have squares=infantry, triangles= cavalry, x's=artillery. The maps also now clearly show all terrain and buildings and includes showing different elevations.

      6. The AI is considerably better and is better at reacting to your movements without flipping out (#2 also seems to be helping a lot with this) and it is difficult to win a battle without taking significant casualties. Someone mentioned charging cavalry straight into infantry which does happen but I'd like to point out that it is much more powerful. I had some light cavalry take on some of line infantry with a frontal charge and I only pushed them back after losing almost half my unit. It still hasn't gotten the hang of keeping it's general alive though.

      The only 2 problems I have with the game so far are that

      1. Explosions, fighting, and gunfire shake the camera a lot. In a sense it enhances the feel of the game but it tends to to get annoying when you are trying to watch the fighting close up. I haven't found any but would really like a menu option to turn camera shaking off (maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.
      I want my game to look cool, I can't watch it looking cool if the camera is shaking all over the place.

      2. It seems like units some how manage to kick up huge clouds of dust after taking only 10 steps, even if it's raining and they are walking through a foot of water. I suppose the biggest problem with this other than that it looks weird is that I can't tell the difference between their dust and gun smoke.

      Although these are pretty minor

      So it is definitely better than Empire, perhaps awesome but it still isn't perfect (although I can't think of a game that is)


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        NTW is an improvement over empire. The graphics are nicer, it plays smoother, and some bugs were fixed. That said I'm generally disappointed with it.

        There is nothing really new, the new features though an improvement are small in the grand scheme of things. For example attrition doesn't have much effect and reinforcement occurs at the same rate whether you need to reinforce 2 units or 20. The extra options you get when conquering a territory are nice as are the shorter turns.

        However the campaigns are pretty short and although there are some added diplomatic options they CAI is still in general quite retarded. Everyone says the BAI is much improved but I don't notice much difference and it continues to plenty of very stupid things. Also the path finding still really sucks. Also some things that they couldn't fix they simply removed them such as firing drills. Even the fire and advance drill they left in can completely fubar the ai.

        Not a bad game but not worthy of any praise in my opinion. If you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket get it. Otherwise wait till its on sale for 20 dollars on steam, that's a more reasonable price for its worth.


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          I think it could be better if they added more nations, but I'm glad to see that you can download more nation campaigns at


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            I haven't had the chance to play Empire yet, so, I am more then willing to try it, but most people said it sucked, so, I'll take them to thier word. That said; I really want to get Napoleon, if for nothing more then my intrest in the Napoleonic Wars.
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              Napoleon Total War

              If only the development team at CA had put more time and thought into this game, it feels in parts diluted, rushed even sabotaged.It's as if it was developed by rookies.
              Like an oil painting on canvas it had the potential to be a masterpiece, for a more epic feel without going into to much detail. I would have included an additional 40 regiments under AI control "that's smart" in all the historical scenarios with the player able to take control as required.
              Squadrons of cavalry which were not in the initial deployment entering the battle space from different locations of the map to create the surprise attack element.

              Maybe CA will learn from their errors, as the game stands now it's a what you see is what you get RTS.

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