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MP group for DH -please join!

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  • MP group for DH -please join!

    I offer membership to all who care to join my group to play DH with a minimum of 4 players(playing major powers). We will setup communication and coordinate games in such a way that players can get advance knowledge of upcoming game times. Game Ranger may be fine for PLAYING DH, but not for organizing a game. If you join my group, you will receive regular invites(email or text) to games forming(or not if you prefer) and some advance knowledge of upcoming games. I plan to use this thread as a player catalogue, so in order to join; please share with us your gameranger name, mods you would play, countries/year you prefer to start. Also your available times/zone. If you troll games or ragequit, or have no idea how to play, you will be identified. The first post will be my own.

    Members willing to share phone info would be of special interest to me personally as we could coordinate much better around each other routine. The idea of this group is to use GameRanger not to wait for a game, but to PLAY the game.

    I'd like to eventually make and post some AARS and keep track of players performance for other members to see. It should be easier to find good players for this game than it is now.

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    My handle on GR is 'DH Teamplay'. I have practically every mod, but my preferences are All-in-One, TRP, Edge of Darkness, and World in Flames. I generally play UK/USA but will play any major country. I am in USA(EST) available usually at times between noon and 10:30pm to play(though not the entire time). I would consider myself an experienced player. I can speak Spanish if it would help bring someone into the group. I've always liked the idea of having 3 2-player teams(6 people) playing as Axis, Allies, and Commintern.


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