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***DH Teamplay Calendar and Catalogue***

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  • ***DH Teamplay Calendar and Catalogue***

    I've decided to create a calendar and catalogue of players; and when they should be active on gameranger. My mission is to get more people playing Darkest Hour in multiplayer because I believe that just as MP can be a far superior experience to SP, in the right setting, teamplay can be a far superior experience to both. I want to create a catalog not only of the players themselves, but for them to create teams as well: players in groups of 3, who want to play together as members of an alliance(allied, axis, or Russia, China +any remaining free country)

    I am looking to register anyone and everyone. I want to know your email address. I suggest to send it to me in a PM. I will inform you of any major teamplay games, as well as having information available on who plays the game when, with what level of experience, and what language(s) they speak. Information I would ask you to provide in your PM.

    Some people like to serve the community by developing mods. Personally I think the best thing I can do is to setup 9-player monster games like this. I want to set people up with others who A-speak their language B-are available at the same time and C-are of the desired experience level (getting more players to learn the game through the tutelage of experienced players playing as teammates).

    People have mentioned problems with lagging in big, multiplayer games. Games will be tested before starting. Those with poor internet connections may have to wait for me to find them a game with others of similar connection strength.

    So feel free to PM me your email address or to ask any questions about how the teamplay game works.

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