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***Darkest Hour Teamplay championship tournament registry***

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  • ***Darkest Hour Teamplay championship tournament registry***

    This will be a 9-player game involving 3 teams of 3 players each. Internet connection strength will be required to maintain a smooth functioning game. I'm willing to match players with less than strong internet strength with others of similar internet strength.

    Victory conditions - The sum total of map victory points gained or lost of the 3 countries in your alliance at the end of a scenario.

    Bidding -If 2 teams want to play the same alliance, they can be bid by promising to gain a certain number of victory points, and the first selection will go to the highest bidder; and if that promised number of points is not achieved they will gain zero points. (basically the old WiF boardgame method)

    3 Possible Choices -

    Allies -UK, USA, France(after fall of France can come back to help command Pacific theater)

    Axis -Germany, Italy, Japan

    Commintern -Russia, China, and ANY 3rd country not puppeted or aligned with Axis or Allies.

    You may wish to register with me(by PM) as an individual or team(with your friends- please pick a name for your team). I only need your email, times usually available, experience level, and language(s) spoken(any language in which you're capable of playing the game with others) Only one member of each team has to speak enough English to communicate with the host.
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