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New RTS Civil war Game- Grand Tactician Civil war

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  • New RTS Civil war Game- Grand Tactician Civil war

    From the website

    Unlike other games of this era, The Civil War (1861-1865) will show detailed battlefields with massive armies and a fully playable campaign, both in real time. The rising industrialization will change this war into something never seen before in history. Trains and telegraphs allowed mobilizing hundreds of thousands of men and new technologies turn the Napoleonic tactics into a new era of warfare. For me as a player it´s very exciting to have the freedom to take the control and choose my very own strategy, and this not only on the battlefield. Particularly the campaign game-play is what I´m mostly excited about, too see the full conflict and how it turns depending on my decisions.

    We have chosen real time game mechanics because of realism. While We-go and Turn based games are also enjoyable for us, these approaches simplify the core elements of warfare, space and time, too much in our opinion. So as the Grand Tactician, you will also have the challenges created from time running constantly.

    But: When we say “real time”, we don’t mean a turbo boosted click-fest. On the contrary, the game will be quite slow paced. This is because of the realism approach, which includes features such as realistic order delays on campaign map and battles. So having quick reactions will not most likely help you as much as proper thinking and forethought. Your job as the Grand Tactician is to think ahead, and give well thought out orders to your sub-ordinates, who will be better equipped to handle the quick reactions as situation requires, according to your instructions. The game can be paused and accelerated at any time if the player wishes so.

    The general approach: we are not aiming at breathtaking visuals, stunning action or beer and pretzels game play. Instead, we try to make everything with realism in mind – not forgetting the player’s ability to handle the information. This means for example, that the battles will not be over in few minutes. And that the campaign will not be a simple rush to build more and better troops and then steamrolling the U.S. We imagine the player, the Grand Tactician, not in a hurry, whacking his mouse like a maniac. Instead, we see him/her sitting back, maybe a coffee mug in hand, scratching his/her forehead about the next move he/she should do.
    - There will be not only battles or only campaign, but both. And these will be intertwined more closely than in other similar titles. We are aiming for a comprehensive game about the Civil War, telling the story of the war in a different way it has been done in computer games before.

    Still in the making but the game looks amazing. I have never seen a civil war game [or any game really] with battles and campaign map all in real time done in this way. Still pre alpha and graphics will be improved but the level of detail being put in this game along with the historical curacy has me sold already. For example look how much detail will go into dispatches and sound.

    website and short video

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    Sounds interesting

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      This game reminds me of - "Take Command - 2nd Manassas" which was a great game, slower speed rts wargame and can be picked up on steam still, there are box versions too, look on ebay i guess.

      They look somewhat similar.

      Will look forward to seeing more updates on "Grand Tactician Civil war".


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        Instead, we see him/her sitting back, maybe a coffee mug in hand, scratching his/her forehead about the next move he/she should do.
        I can manage that yes.

        Looks quite pretty - in a low-tech sort of way
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