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Close Combat: Modern Tactics (from Matrix Games)

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  • Close Combat: Modern Tactics (from Matrix Games)

    Yep you heard correct (and likely we will be seeing that automated non member post an announcement here shortly ).

    What I want to know, the usual question of course is ... if one has Close Combat Marines, what are they getting additionally with the new release? Aside from maybe a few more scenarios, and maybe a few cleaned up graphics.

    I'm assuming at least somebody here has had contact with this surprise release.
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    I didn't for a long time either.

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    Very very cool!!!


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      Here's hoping the improve the AI
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        Got CC Modern Tactics for Christmas.
        While it is a nice game, I feel it is not quite worth its price and not quite as good as you would expect from CC, the guys who developed CC3: Russian Front about ten years ago.
        The familiar elements e.g. the feeling of suspense when entering into a scenario is there, but soon you realise that the AI is not very good and exactly that is my main complaint with this game. I read that USMC is using this game to train leaders in squad /platoon tactics, if so I sincerely hope this is very much in the beginning of the curriculum. The weak AI can to a certain extent be overcome by cleverly developing your own scenario's but this is not how things are supposed to be.
        Apart from an unimaginative AI the game has no campaign options and so no characters you can identify with while they and their men develop through the campaign. You assemble and deploy your team with infantry and vehicles for the single fight of your choice and 'prepare for combat'. Once the fight is over, that was it!

        NB: I haven't played it in the multiplayer mode, so it is entirely possible that my experience would have been different, as the games' graphics (esp. some really nice maps with feel of authenticity of the area) and sounds are enjoyable.
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          Are you able to play it online vs human competition? All the CC games suffer
          from a very weak AI. Will the mod experts be able to mod the game to make
          it more difficult vs the AI? Just curious because I have CC2, CC4, CC5 and
          especially CC5 has a really bad AI without modding.


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            CC along with SP and CM, all games with fame a mile long. All earned from humans playing humans.

            Waiting for a decent AI though is a waste of your time.

            All three games became famous played against people. The AIs in all three though suck. Might as well get over it and stop pretending you can play with yourself
            Life is change. Built models for decades.
            Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
            I didn't for a long time either.


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              This game was such a let down I got it for christmas played it like twice then onto the bad game shelf it went.

              with subpar Ai no campaign mode or anything really even head to head was bad all around I give this game a 2/10.

              went back to CC3 go russia.
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