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  • Take Command: Napoleonic

    OK guys,
    The initial release of the Take Command: Horse and Musket mod is ready for download.
    Head over to the MadMinuteGames forum for details and download links.
    TC:Horse and Musket

    We say "initial release" because this mod will be a work in progress.
    It is NOT a 100% historically accurate, end-all-be-all, Napoleonic simulation.
    It is a first attempt at bringing some Napoleonic elements into the Take Command gaming experience.

    What you get in TC:Horse and Musket so far: 3 mods in 1
    -Rebels and Redcoats Mod (previously released American War for Independence)
    -Jacobite War Mod
    -Napoleonic Mod (first attempt, square is included)
    -New Units, Formations, Commands, Uniforms
    -2 maps, one with Rain

    If you have been waiting for a 3D real time Napoleonic game, give the mod a try.
    If you like it or not please give us some feedback on the MMG forum.
    All future work will be based on user feedback.

    Some quick screenshots (bit blurry):

    Two screenshots of British Infantry in line, notice new formation buttons.

    Two screenshots of French approaching, with new Napoleon sprite

    Horse Artillery: completely new Unit, Uniforms and Commands

    Preview of future western europe based map

    New, custom made Duke of Wellington sprite

    French in Square

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    Cool stuff. I have to try this!


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      kinda looks like Sid Miers Gettysburg
      "The people never have the power, only the illusion of it. And here is the real secret: they don't want it. The responsibility is too great to bear. It's why they are so quick to fall in line as soon as someone else takes charge."


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        Holy crap.

        Finally a Napoleonic game/mod where the units can form squares properly.
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        Vice Admiral William P. Blandy


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          That looks like a great game.
          Never Fear the Event

          Admiral Lord Nelson


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            Looks fantastic, can not wait to try it.


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              Work in progress Quatre Bras map, with new 3d buildings, Gemioncourt Farm:


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                My god, i'm drooling.
                Never Fear the Event

                Admiral Lord Nelson


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                  Too realistic............ Where the heck have I been I normaly go on there website, then again I have not been on there website for one year.


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