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Saga in Beta...fantastic MMORTS

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  • Saga in Beta...fantastic MMORTS


    When I moved to a small village I got cut off from my old games friends, so I tried on-line MMOs. They really weren't that great - got boring, had quite distant players....

    But, I got invited to play Saga in March (this year) as an Alpha tester - now a Beta tester and still playing

    The site address is:

    It's quite far into the Beta, but it'll still last a few months to perfect the game as much as is possible.

    Saga is fantastic. It's got a solid city you begin with, which you fortify and build on. That part's not RTS, but is persistant. You can also gain territories.

    From there, you build armies and the combat (PvE and PvP) is real-time. There are 5 different factions which are fantasy based.

    You don't EVER HAVE to PvP, and you can't get attacked off-line. It can be a bit hard-work at first, but if you chat to people and maybe join a Guild, there are a lot of people who do help.

    It's worth joining the Beta, and you can contact me either here, at Saga forums (Moonbiter) or my online Nation: Lorasil

    I would love to see you there, as I think it's a wicked game

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    How much does it cost?
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