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Hands on: StarCraft II

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  • Hands on: StarCraft II

    I got to play this at GenCon the past few days, and while I'm a little disappointed that they chose to use this release to revamp the original (rather than introduce anything new in gameplay) I actually walked away with a very positive impression of it.

    Basically it is the same game, most of the same units and buildings, but with enough new stuff to make it fresh. The graphics are outstanding, at least on par with Supreme Commander (this is still a beta too).

    I played as the Terrans and in about 20 minutes knew all I needed to know about the differences at my command. I'm a Terran junkie so enjoyed the hell out of playing them against the Protoss AI. There were others playing as Protoss and I must say they have some of the more interesting new units in the game (including my favorites which are styled like the old tripods from War of the Worlds).

    I'm going to try to do a bit more extensive write up once I get back to the office...but my first impressions are very favorable for this old favorite.
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