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Great Invasions, the Dark Ages, 350-1066

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  • Great Invasions, the Dark Ages, 350-1066

    I only read the review.

    Try to make a history lesson into a game.

    The life cycle of empires is my main interest of the moment,

    for the combination of mAcroeconomics and VLSI Very Large Systems Integration.

    But I did have to start at business school, in marketing class, about a product life cycle.

    Thomas Edison invented a light bulb, built a Direct Current (DC) empire, then was made as obsolete as a horse and carriage by Alternating Current (AC).

    And was planned obsolescence really designed into cars?

    Now Arm&Hammer baking soda, there is an interesting product life cycle, case study. It had a second wind, comeback, as, among other uses, a refrigerator deoderizer.

    Today a big question is:
    stock market crash, or soft landing?

    This game sounds very complicated, but so is the subject.

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    Just to get a feel for the times and the game:

    imagine that you are a barbarian horde just starting out.
    What product must you absolutely have from that salesman from Rome?
    That is right, branding irons!

    Originally posted by Centrix Vigilis View Post
    Below is an extract on a fine article that covers the history and while it specifies Texas, similar brands and registering were found and are found thru out the US [and history].


    CATTLE BRANDS. Cattle brands still play an important role in identifying an animal's owner in Texas cattle ranching. The practice of branding is ancient. Some Egyptian tomb paintings at least 4,000 years old depict scenes of roundups and cattle branding, and biblical evidence suggests that Jacob the herdsman branded his stock. Burning an identifying mark into the hide of an animal was, until the invention of the tattoo, the only method of marking that lasted the life of the animal. The practice of branding came to the New World with the Spaniards, who brought the first cattle to New Spain. When Hernán Cortés experimented with cattle breeding during the late sixteenth century in the valley of Mexicalzimgo, south of modern Toluca, Mexico, he branded his cattle. His brand, three Latin crosses, may have been the first brand used in the Western Hemisphere. As cattle raising grew, in 1537 the crown ordered the establishment of a stockmen's organization called Mesta throughout New Spain. Each cattle owner had to have a different brand, and each brand had to be registered in what undoubtedly was the first brand book in the Western Hemisphere, kept at Mexico City. Soon after the Spaniards moved north into Texas and cattle raising developed on a large scale during the middle eighteenth century, the crown ordered the branding of all cattle. The early Spanish brands in Texas were more generally pictographs than letters. The Spaniards chose their brands to represent beautiful sentiments in beautiful ways. Most of the early Spanish brands found in the Bexar and Nacogdoches archivesqqv are pictographs made with curlicues and pendants. A cattle raiser would compose his own brand. When his first son acquired cattle, a curlicue or pendant was added to the father's brand, and as other sons acquired their own cattle, additional curlicues or pendants were added to what became the family brand. Only a few Spanish brands found in the Bexar and Nacogdoches archives are made of letters.

    [email protected]


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      bullshit...better weapons. think that.... and you have the thought process of a barbarian...i should know. i am one.


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        Bad Dark Ages Analogy

        Anyway, America never had a "Dark Ages"[1], so it is a bad analogy.

        A barbarian horde could usually be bought off with a herd of cattle, particularly when they are hungry, which maybe is why the ACG review says that sometimes the AI (Artificial Intelligence) does run circles around them, so the player does sit there with nothing to do.

        Originally posted by Centrix Vigilis View Post
        bullshit...better weapons. think that....
        If you want weapons, you can do that, but the review says I can choose a religion missionary, and my evangelist sells branding irons[2].


        Or at least no Mayan lived to write about it in mass media, court of public opinion, news and editorials.

        Saint Paul was a tentmaker who carried around a bunch of boring Epistles. Saint Paul did throw one batch of Epistles overboard in a storm.

        I figured you, CV, more for the "salesman from Rome" type.


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          If you want weapons, you can do that, but the review says I can choose a religion missionary, and my evangelist sells branding irons....

          *then you remain duped bon ami for the 'ax and blade' have converted more in history, then the wearers of sack cloth...certainly insofar as their initial acquaintance with that old foe who carry's the scythe.

          I figured you, CV, more for the "salesman from Rome" type.

          *Don't be decieved by this semi-conservative 'facade de politque', i sometimes true soul is always at battle... constantly at war; to prevent the beserker fury of the 'northman avec comanche', from springing forth, into the mist of the sheep, i see around me...

          let that be a lesson.
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