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Need help playtesting new indie strategy game

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  • Need help playtesting new indie strategy game

    It is a whole world strategic real-time strategy game with a multiplayer component. The game is at Alpha and I need help with play-testing. Your feedback will not only help me find bugs, but help tune gameplay and perhaps even define game features.

    Let me know if you are interested.


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    I'd suggest putting it here and you'll get reviews and recommendations.
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      I'd suggest giving us an overview of the game, I might be interested but it really depends on what "strategic" means...
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        Keep me in the loop.

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          It can be difficult giving an overview in a post, but here goes:

          The game is inspired by the game Command HQ from the early '90s. The idea is that the map is the whole Earth, units are larger than a division, and gameplay is not complex. Units are Infantry, Armor, Fighters, Bombers, Fleets, Carriers, and Subs. The goal is to capture the enemy capitol. The game is real-time with adjustable accelerated time. The idea is to have a game that is strategically interesting that takes about an hour to play.


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            Good luck and best wishes, but I never really got into Risk.


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