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  • Herman Hum
    started a topic Harpoon for Dummies

    Harpoon for Dummies

    Harpoon for Dummies

    In response to ongoing pleas for player assistance, a Harpoon for Dummies channel has opened on YouTube to help Harpoon players navigate the complexities of the game and to deliver the best possible playing experience. These series of video tutorials will continue to be written as needed and as requested. Many thanks to Ian Bowes (a.k.a. Spelk), amongst others, for speaking up and specifically requesting such videos be made and for the kind assistance he provided in reviewing them.

    Presently, videos are available to demonstrate:

    1) Installation procedures for the PlayersDB and scenarios
    2) Basic game functions through a comprehensive tutorial for H3
    3) Thorough use of the scenario editor for H3
    4) Thorough use of the scenario editor for ANW
    5) A complete sample scenario session

    Folks who have never played a Harpoon scenario can watch the complete Sierra Strike: The 1st Team scenario run from beginning to end:

    Harpoon3.6.3 users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon 3.6.3 Library
    Harpoon ANW users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon ANW Library
    Harpoon HUE users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon HUE Library

  • FreekS
    AAR Pebble Island

    The helicopter assault on Pebble island was cancelled when my forward deployed HMS Hermes got word that CV de Mayo was within 200nm of her. I needed 3 hours to arm harriers with iron bombs, meanwhile I ran OCA missions in the relatively small playing field, and got some Sea Kings en route to hidden bay in the falklands to provide recce.

    first I encountered patrol planes and helicopters, intermingled with some super etendards and Skyhawks. I shot down the unarmed planes, but found out that somehow the Argentines had acquires sidewinders. At the end of the recce war I lost one harrier against 12 argentine planes. My Sea Kings radars localized the enemy TF and her escorts.

    Six bomb armed harriers set off and coordinated an attack from North and South on de Mayo. All 18 bombs were dropped, but the pilots were severely distracted by the heavy flak, and only one hit was observed. Some harriers even strafed the enemy, but seconds after bomb release, all six harriers were shot down. Fortunately the CV had sustained damage and I was awarded victory.

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  • FreekS
    AAR Belgrano

    I can be quick about this one. North wood directed me to the wrong place, and although I initially had clear passive sonar bearings on Belgrano, these deteriorated during the day, and in spite of sprint drifting and even using the radar I did not locate the cruiser!

    AAR May Day

    I remember this as one of my favorite scenes (to build), but donít remember any specific tactics of the AI. Reading the orders, I realized that defending the carriers in important, but they are well defended. Defending the unarmed and long supply line is another matter.
    So my strategy was
    1. Execute air strikes early so I have chance of a second strike.
    2. Use the shore bombardment SAG to the max at Stanley, so the harriers can handle the less well defended Good Green
    3. keep a three plan CAP and use the subs as air raid warning
    4. Detach Sheffield as a forward SAM trap, and detach a Leander to provide radar coverage over the supply line, so Harriers can be called in on time.

    as I reconnoiter the defenses of Stanley, a pair of mirages draw first blood by killing my helicopter. In the next hours, turboprops from Stanley and goose green attacked SAG Glamorgan, and the Sea Slug missiles got a real workout. Some of the enemy planes died in sight of my DD and FFs, but my ships were not hurt.
    Mirages proved the harrier CAP, but the harriers prioritized the enemy patrol planes trying to find the supply ships. The harriers did well, but one or two were lost to the fast jets.
    After about 2 hours I organized a 12 plane air strike on Goose Green and Stanley. About half the targets were hit but the ground defenses brought down 4 harriers - 20 percent of my air power.

    on landing I rearmed some of the strikers for air to air. TF Glamorgan was now bombarding the Stanley defenses and targets, while staying out of range of enemy guns. If Iíd had amphibious I could have landed right in the harbour!

    things were going well although planes and helos were occasionally sighted in far off places, but attempts at helicopter searches for argentine fleet units were unsuccessful.

    The main argentine air attack came from 16 planes from 4 airbases, beautifully coordinated for time on target. The harriers got about a third, and the Sea darts and some gunfire got the rest. At this point, I was nearly out of sidewinders, and Decided to patrol the supply lines with gun armed harriers.

    as I was pursuing a distant P2 target, I overflew three Argentine frigates, 30 miles from the supply ships. My one gun armed Leander interposed itself, but it was 5 harriers making strafing attacks that sank the lightly armoires frigates. At the cost of 2 more harriers.

    The second strike down Goose Green finished off the last primary targets, and I was lucky then when the TF ran into a sub, it was Broadsword in contact. She was fast enough to avoid enemy torpedos and the helos finished off the argentine sub. victory was awarded shortly afterwards, I lost 8 harriers and a helo vs 50-odd argentine planes, three frigates and a sub destroyed, on top of about a dozen ground units.

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  • Herman Hum
    Yes, "Between Ascension and San Carlos" was one of the scenarios originally created for the Harpoon miniatures game. This scenario was played in multi-player and did not exhibit any problems because there was a human player on both sides. I checked the scenario and found that the mission for the Belgrano had been created, but the TF had not been assigned to it. So, the AI did not know what to do and just sat there for your game. Oops! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The scenario has been fixed and the Library installers have been updated with the corrected scenario. Thanks for the report.

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  • FreekS
    AAR Between Ascension and San Carlos.

    In this hypothetical scen, intel reports an Argentine SAG broken into the Atlantic, trying to intercept a critical escorted supply tanker.

    My tanker was escorted by a missile destroyer and two frigates, and we had 4 helos embarked. These were equipped with radar and optical equipment, so I launched three and rearmed one with AS12s.
    i split off on FF and once it was about 60nm from the HVU, it switched on radars. Apart from the occasional Alouette, I did not detect anything for hours. After numerous helo sorties, I finally found a the typical Argie laughingstock; a potentially superior force around Belgrano, a type 42 and two WW2 upgraded DDs with guns and SSMs, wallowing stationary in the Atlantic. looked like Belgrano engines had failed. I kept my FF just outside missile range and raced my tanker group south undetected. Eventually boredom made me organize a two helo ASM attack on one of the tin cans which damaged her. When my supply ship reached safety and victory had been awarded, Belgrano was still in the Atlantic at 0 knots, and winter was coming.....

    one of yours Herman?

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  • FreekS
    AAR Black Buck 1 - alternate UK side

    i chose to play the UK Task Force side. my orders were to support BlackBuck by strike missions on Port Stanley as well as recce the defenses.

    Two main problems, HMS Hermes was out of range of the Falklands, and had half my strike harriers embarked. So I planned to fly some of my 4 spare Victors down to execute the longest harrier strike in history, over 900nm using aerial refueling. Second I had no spare bombs embarked for any followed strike, so moved the Munition carriers towards my aircraft carriers for replenishment at sea. Unfortunately I had no helicopters available for cross decking ammo, nor could the returning harriers Land at the Munition ships.

    While my victors were transporting fuel down, my sea harriers were hunting down recce planes. everyone seemed to want a front seat, I even intercepted a Bear D Recce plane!
    Sea harrier recce Planes could not give more details of the Port Stanley defenses, these were too well camouflaged.

    As the Victor overflew Hermes, the three available harriers with 454 kg bombs joined up. hours and two refueling later , they overflew Invincible and were joint by three more harriers. The enormous size of the victor meant it could easily support three harriers.
    the harriers made their attacks from vHigh altitude. As they approached, two warships were detected in Harbour, adding to the aerial defenses, these must just have arrived! The harriers flew around these and attacked from north and south. The Avgas facility was blown up but the few bombs could only damage the apron and ammo dump. Two harriers fell to guns, in spite of flying at 15k altitude (I remember someone saying that in H3, guns can kill satellites, though I never saw it happen).

    Hermes and invincible meanwhile had joint up with their ammo carriers and transferred the next loads of bombs. Those turned out not to be needed though as the fire at Port Stanley finished off the damaged facilities and I was awarded victory. oh, and the Gentlemen from RAF Bomber command Never turned up......typical.

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  • Herman Hum
    Good use of the terrain to mask your approach.

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  • FreekS
    AAR BlackBuck 1

    My orders were to fly a Vulcan from Ascencion to Port Stanley and hit the runway. the refueling plan was clearly laid out and well planned. I launched 15 Victor tankers and the Vulcan and as planned, refueled the Vulcan 4 times, every time also refueling victors and returning the remaining ones to base. Around refueling point 3, closest to the Argentinian coast, I detected numerous ship contacts (all British) and weak ESM air contacts. They included Boeing 707, P2 Neptuneís and even mirages. Further south, harriers were detected. I classified the mirage as hostile, hoping the harrier would attack it. During refueling, my planes were seen by a 707, but it trailed a Victor and the Vulcan could continue south. After the last refueling, i flew towards the IP East of Port Stanley at vHigh altitude. At 200 nm this revealed a ground radar as well as the cruiser General Belgrano with Radars up. I dropped the Vulcan to vLow altitude and decided to make a low level attack.flying in from the east, at 31 meters, the enemy Radars reaquired me at about 10 nm and I switched on jammers. At 2 nm I dropped all bombs on the runway, and defensive gunfire opened up. Seconds after seeing the runway reduced to STOL, my Vulcan was shot down. I had been fired upon my 35 mm but also by the cruisers big guns!

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  • FreekS
    AAR South Georgia

    my Mission was to destroy ground units at South Georgia in prep for liberation, and to find the submarine Santa Fe.
    As the Mission would require ASW and guns, I moved my frigates and Destroyer towards South Georgia and my supply ships back north towards the TF.
    helicopter recce revealed a gun armed patrol ship in harbor, as well as indications for strong defenses including Manpads, light guns and mortars. The Manpads were well hidden in the rock crevasses, and I lost two helos trying to find them. When my TF came within sight of land, the gunboat raced towards me, but was destroyed by Exocets. In an attempt to find hidden shore batteries I risked my last helo (with IR) and broad HMS broadsword as close into shore as I could (as she had the best visual sensors). the helo fell to a SA7, but the ships could just close to within range of their 114mm guns. Hundreds of gun round were needed to despatch the main defenses. broadsword was back to ASW, drifting around the Harbour entrance with sonars passive. She detected a sub contact within a few miles and despatched it with torpedos. We were then awarded victory, Santa Fe had gotten very close but apparently had no fire control solutions in spite of my ships being so close to shore.

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  • Herman Hum
    A new scenario has been added to the Harpoon3 PlayersDB
    Installation Library:

    The Battle of Beagle Gulf

    Harpoon HUE users can get the Complete PlayersDB HUE Library

    Harpoon ANW users can get the Complete PlayersDB ANW Library

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  • Herman Hum
    Originally posted by FreekS View Post
    Must be close to 10 years since I played the game and wrote scenarios. The falklands battle set was written by me - and Iíve forgotten all about it - time to replay!
    Nice AARs. It is good to see the return of the Grey Ghost of Harpoon. You get the opportunity to re-discover every scenario as though it was brand new.

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  • FreekS
    Hi all (?)!

    i recently set up my old H3.6 game for windows 10 to replay a few games. Must be close to 10 years since I played the game and wrote scenarios. The falklands battle set was written by me - and Iíve forgotten all about it - time to replay!

    AAR: Advanced Sub, Argentine side

    Ordered to assemble a convoy off Rio Grande, and escort it to BAM Malvinas, I raced all supply ships to Rio Grande (Except one which was slow and intercepted the convoy later). one of the patrol ships, racing at 28 knots, ran straight into an enemy torpedo and blew up. In spite of assigning helos, trackers and Neptunes, the sub was never detected. My CVBG protected the anchorage and after some hours was attacked by harpoon missiles causing light damage to one of the escorts. This time the sub was prosecuted and sunk. the convoy got underway at15 knots and hours later ran into another sub - i.e. another group of harpoons, causing light damage to a destroyer and my carrier. I dispatched a fast escort and aircraft to find the sub and avaded the position with the convoy. The sub managed to get a torpedo fired at my escort but it could be outran. The sub died from air dropped torpedos. Many hours later, suddenly an airborn contact was detected - this turned out to be a hostile lynx which fired off missiles and damaged another ship. soon after that I detected a fourth(?) sub, and sank it - thinking it may have been a whale. I barely made Port Stanley with the required reinformcement but did not trigger the VC as not all ships assembled off Rio Grande.

    Amazinglz good scen - but reminded me that aircraft formation patrol zones don't really work well....

    AAR Advanced Sub - British side

    Took command of Spartan which was located North of Falklands. Given poor sonar conditions I sprint drifted southeast, using radar and periscope sweeps. ECM detected Admiral Lobo class freighter west of me so I closed. Then detected de carrier Mayo southwest on passive sonar, so gave her priority. after nearly half a day I was 18 nm ahead of de Mayo formation which included helicopter escorts and three tin cans but was only moving at 5 knots. I moved in at 9 knots below the layer, not wanting to be too long in an area where dippers might be. at 10nm from the carrier I detected a torpedo. went to flank speed (but moving towards the carrier) and was killed by the A344 torp. Rusty, very rusty.....

    What a great scenÖ..


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  • Herman Hum
    Over 35 new aircraft, ships, submarines, facilities, classes, countries, and weapons have been added to the Harpoon3 PlayersDB with the official Database editor authorized by AGSI. The PlayersDB remains the sole functional Harpoon database.

    Get the PlayersDB-HUE on SubSim, HarPlonkHQ, or SimHQ.

    Get the PlayersDB-ANW on SubSim, HarPlonkHQ, or SimHQ.

    Get the PlayersDB on SubSim, HarPlonkHQ, or SimHQ.

    Additions include:

    T.129 ATAK TR 20
    FFG Barbaros TR 95|MEKO 200
    PCFG Dogon TR 88|FPB 57
    F-16C Falcon Blk 30 TR 00
    F-16D Falcon Blk 40/42 TR 15
    F-16C Falcon Blk 50 TR 12
    F-16C Falcon Blk 50/52 TR 12
    F-16D Falcon Blk 50/52 TR 14
    Su-35S Flanker E RUS 16
    F-5B Freedom Fighter TR 91
    JAS 39C Gripen SE 16
    JAS 39D Gripen SE 18
    T-50 PAK-FA RUS 16
    FFG Sahilreis TR 11|MEKO 200
    FFG Sahilreis TR 98|MEKO 200
    F-104S Starfighter TR 78
    F-4E Terminator 2020 TR 08
    EF2000 Typhoon DE 17
    EF2000 Typhoon ES 07
    EF2000 Typhoon IT 12
    EF2000 Typhoon KSA 18
    EF2000 Typhoon KWT 20
    FFG Yavuz TR 00|MEKO 200
    FFG Yavuz TR 95|MEKO 200
    PGM Yildiz TR 00

    - countless changes and improvements guaranteed not to crash any earlier scenario built with the PlayersDB

    Primum non nocere [First, do no harm] - Prime Directive of the PlayersDB.

    Harpoon HUE users can get the:
    Complete PlayersDB Harpoon HUE Library

    Harpoon ANW users can get the:
    Complete PlayersDB Harpoon ANW Library

    Harpoon3.6.3 users can get the:
    Complete PlayersDB Harpoon 3.6.3 Library

    Don't forget the Supplemental images for the PlayersDB at:

    "Harpoon for Dummies" channel

    PlayersDB for Harpoon on Facebook

    Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Herman Hum
    A new video for [Flashpoint Campaigns] Tuesday Morning (MP) has been added to the YouTube Harpoon for Dummies channel to help players navigate the complexities of the game and to deliver the best possible playing experience.

    You can watch [FPC] Tuesday Morning (MP)

    "Harpoon for Dummies" channel * FAQ * Facebook * HarPlonkHQ

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  • Herman Hum
    The 24th Indochine Campaign Scenario has been added to the Library installer.

    Harpoon HUE users can get the Complete PlayersDB HUE Library at:

    Harpoon ANW users can get the Complete PlayersDB ANW Library at:

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