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  • Petition to fix Matchmaking

    I recently wrote a comment to the WoT review ACG did, which you can find here. The comment was regarding the matchmaking system currently being used, the problems it's causing, and attempting to enlist ACG's help in getting the issue fixed before it drags the game down entirely.

    Since it describes the overall purpose of this post, I'll paste it here and edit where applicable:

    The matchmaking system is causing people to leave this game in droves. Hordes of people are on the forums constantly, trying to get this changed because we like this game, and would like to play it (example: there was a guy who had a single post on the forums entirely: a statement that he was uninstalling until this system is fixed). But, the way the matchmaking system works, itís not worth playing, much less paying for. The reviewer stated observations regarding this topic and how it was detrimental to gameplay. It has only gotten worse since the review was written, and unless Wargaming does something to avert it, it will only continue to get worse. World of Tanks is destined to sink in the US because of this, and not only do the developers refuse to make any changes, they refuse to even acknowledge that thereís a problem.

    My purpose from writing this is to see if Armchair General would perhaps be interested in hosting a petition for the matchmaker being made into something more fair and balanced, or at the very least writing an article on the subject. The idea being that, while Wargaming may consciously ignore the pleas of hundreds of itsí players, theyíll have a harder time ignoring attention from a reputed publication able to broadcast their failings on a larger scale.

    If anyone thinks Iím exaggerating, read the comments on this review. If thatís not enough, make a WoT account, and read some of the plethora of posts (not sure if you can read those links if you don't have an account; and take special note of where the last link takes you: the Junkyard forum, which is about how much most of us believe WG values our input) written on the forums, begging for a change. Weíve been asking for this since closed beta, and weíve been holding out this entire time, hoping the game would realize itsí potential. Now that itís plainly obvious the player base is shrinking (someone on the forums knew 5 people who got to the middle tiers and quit, and I know 3, along with myself; thatís 9 people alone, from just a very small sampling) and the game as a whole is suffering, itís time for some more drastic action.

    Since ACG has endorsed this game, it stands to reason theyíd be willing to engage in some actions to help make it more successful, in this case, saving it from itsí own developerís irrational stubbornness. If we could start a petition here, and if it did actually have an impact and cause Wargamingís devs to rethink their strategy and actually listen to their players, they would have a lot of happy people on their hands.

    I was informed that the guy who wrote the article is out for a week on vacation, so I'm waiting till he gets back before I can start pursuing this idea in earnest. In the meantime, however, I'm going to do everything I can to get any buzz generated that I can, in case he does decide to pick the idea up. I'll be posting the link to this thread in the WoT forums and driving as much traffic here as I can. If anyone reading this cares at all about what Wargaming is doing to their own game, help me (and everyone else) out and send others here, as well.

    Random aside: I'm not normally a "cause" type of person, but getting into it, it's kind of fun, lol. Here's hoping my, and many other people's work pays off.

    Edit: For the uninitiated, here's a run-through of what the matchmaking system is, how it operates and why that way is drivin new players away, and how the majority of us feel it should work.

    World of Tanks uses a tier system to replace the traditional leveling system of a lot of games. As you progress up in tier, you get newer, faster, more heavily armored, and harder hitting tanks. What the matchmaking system does is...well, just what it sounds like: it arranges matches. Since it wouldn't do to have everyone being thrown in matches with no sense of order, it uses a set criteria to determine who gets in matches with whom. For instance, if you have a tier 1 tank, you'll get put in matches with other tier 1s and tier 2s, and that's it, to allow you a fair and balanced chance of having some kind of success during the match. Everyone generally agrees that matchmaking works fine, as far as arranging fair matches, for the first couple tiers. It's higher up the tiers you go that you'll find the trouble.

    Wargaming, the company that developed World of Tanks, had a good first couple tiers, but then they went off track. For some reason, according to their own matchmaking chart, they seem to think it's a good idea for a tier 3 light tank to rank up as high as tier 9, meaning a tier 3 light tank might find itself in matches with tanks ranging from tier 3 to tier 9. That's the most extreme example, but every tier that follows stretches too far and guarantees that anyone who plays tiers 3, 4, or 5 will find themselves in a huge portion of matches where they're completely outmatched and have no hope of making any reasonable contribution to the battle. They can't damage the majority of their opponents, while their opponents are capable of killing them in one shot. They move slower than their opponents; they have smaller radios than their opponents (which determines how far a tank can "see", so a tank with a larger radio than you can detect you from further away than you can detect them; meaning, they see you first), and they have way less armor than their opponents. And yet, WG thinks it's appropriate to put people in these types of matches.

    This situation is detrimental to the game because people new to the game are playing through the first couple tiers, then hitting the brick wall that is 3-6, then coming on the forums to announce 1) they just started playing, and 2) they're not quitting. And it's not only newcomers who are quitting; I myself have quit playing regularly because of this, and many more long-time veterans have, as well, or are on the verge of it. People play games in general to have fun, and nobody wants to play a game that makes you feel useless and frustrated a huge portion of the time.

    Most of us on the forums who have been working towards getting this system changed favor a 3 tier spread, meaning, no tank would ever find itself in a match with a tank more than 2 tiers higher than it. So, a tier 4 would never be in a match against a tank higher than a tier 6. This criteria guarantees that every match, every participant would have a reasonable chance of contributing in a meaningful way to the battle.

    That doesn't seem too much to ask, and it's what I'm hoping we can achieve through this petition.
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    I too played WoT but left it for a different reason (some can be read here:

    I'm a great supporter of community involvement in games, unfortunately since I no longer play the game I might not be of assistance, but maybe for the sake of the 'fight' you could explain what 'matchmaking' is and what's exactly the problem with it?

    Good luck.


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      Sure, I'll edit the above post to reflect your request. I kind of took it for granted that anyone who's played the game knows what I'm talking about, but you're right in that I'm sure a detailed run-down wouldn't do anything but help, in the long run.


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        I wouldn't sign/support such a petition even if I agreed with it. Why? Because next thing you know some folks will come up with a petition to eliminate artillery or nerf it even more.


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          While I'm not in favor of removing arty, if enough people were to vote for that, it would obviously be beneficial to the game as a whole. So, saying you wouldn't vote for one petition for fear of others popping up, what you're really saying is you don't want things that you personally like in the game changed, rather than being concerned with what's best for the game as a whole.

          Developers can put anything in a game with the best intentions, but if their players hate it, the feature becomes detrimental to the game itself, and the devs can either stubbornly stick to their guns or remove the problem.

          So, while I wouldn't personally support removing arty, if enough people did, then it could only be beneficial to the game in the long term. It is the masses who determine the overall success or failure of a game, after all.


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            I expieriance that problem a fair bit when i'm using artillery. Tier 3 artilly in a battle with enemies have tigers and or hummels.

            I think it tiers 3-6 should have a 3 level limit so its a 3-6 4-7 6-10.

            I think it would be moderately fair
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