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  • Panzer Ausf: D'OH!

    So my friend (despite the shitty socialising set up) and I have been playing World of Heavy Tanks.
    Much to my amusement I made a bit of a boob but still managed to get a kill. So on my shiny tank I brought a new super pokey gun and hit battle. Then ended up with no bullets, as I'd forgotten to buy any...

    However I could still contribute, so I led the charge. Amusingly an enemy heavy rushed us and was knife fighting a couple of my allies. I could still help, I saw my chance and Rammed him into a wall, holding him place so the other tracks with me could pummel his flanks.

    Equally I have a question, how in gods name do you get the starting soviet tanks to work? Especially the T-28. Its utterly pants, I barely get a shot off before exploding.
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    Compared to the other tier 4 mediums, the T-28 is the biggest target and has thinnest armour. (30mm maximum in game, though some real-world T-28's were upgraded to 80mm maximum.) However, it has BY FAR the best mobility; highest top speed, quick acceleration, quick turns (Pz III turns in place at an agonizing speed), and a fast turret traverse.

    As said, it has the most powerful gun (Short 75 or long 50 for Pz III, semi-long 75 for M3 Lee), albeit somewhat inaccurate. In many ways, the in-game T-28 is pretty much a light tank in mobility in armour, but with the gun of a tier 5+ medium. Just play as a light tank that can actually destroy something.
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