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    I had to play a lot to get the XP and the 330,000 credits to buy a KV and when I finally bought it the tank came with a... 76 mm gun! I mean WTH... my T-28 had a stronger gun than that, a 85 mm.

    And since the computer sees I have a KV and assigns me to battles crawling with mammoth tanks, I'm facing a string of frustrating games that end in utter defeat with few exceptions. WTH.
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      What are your guys' thoughts on the M2 light (as opposed to other lower tier tanks)?

      I use it now (elite status) because I'm saving up for a Stuart or something, and I think it is pretty much the American BT-2 although better armored, I believe. I haven't been on WoT for a while but I don't remember how the M2 Light compared to the Pz II...whenever I would go up against a Pz II, if I remember correctly, they had better armor but the gun might not be as good.

      The M2's speed is astounding-I've gone about 60 mph before!
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