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  • Free WWII MMO game

    Are there any because I don't really want to pay for a MMO and would prefer to find a free one.

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    I know only about War of Supremacy, but people say it is boring. Anyway, you should try it out.

    Of course, there is CoD, one of the greatest FPS ever, it is awesome in multiplayer(if you haven't you HAVE to try it out).

    Hope it helps.


    P.S. in case that you don't want to buy CoD there are alternative methods which I, officially, disapprove.
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      I dont know of any but COD 1 and 2 are both very good fps games


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        thanks I will check out War of Supremacy


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          Their used to be something called WWII Online not sure if its still around.


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              I don't like any of these games and I'm still looking for a better one

              Free Online Games


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                Day of Defeat is pretty fun


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                  Originally posted by ChrisF1987 View Post
                  Their used to be something called WWII Online not sure if its still around.
                  It is and it's hard but it's fun but you have to pay for it.
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                    Try navyfield
                    Are we there yet?


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                      How good is Supremacy 1914? It looks like a Diplomacy rip-off to me.




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                        Originally posted by TS_Allen View Post
                        How good is Supremacy 1914? It looks like a Diplomacy rip-off to me.


                        It isn't as good as Diplomacy, it is extremely boring and hard to find people to hang with the game.

                        I am in a game now as England and I just conquered Belgum, and no one else declared war on me.

                        Austria Hungary went to war and has conquered Germany and part of France.
                        Turkey has taken over the entire Balkans.

                        I can't tell you how many different leaders those countries have had, since people drop out and new people take over for a few days and then leave.

                        You never know what a country is going to do because there is no stability.

                        I finally quit.


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                          nope i have not heard of ant ww2 mmo
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                            i got a good one its call red orchestra its base on the russain front in ww2 but u can get mods of it that take place else where.

                            but u have to buy it from a shop or online but its realy cheap from

                            oh and its very realistic so that makes it a bit harder
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                              our game, Hours of War, is in open beta and it is free to play (we also have Premium version).

                              The game is WWII war strategy game, playable on browser (runs on Flash player), no downloads needed.

                              It's turn/tick based (tick changes every 60 seconds) hex game, and right now each player commands one battalion, 3 to 7 units.

                              For free, at this moment, there are 2 scenarios, Carentan and Martlet. Currently there are 25 to 60 player positions in each scenario, and we will be releasing bigger ones in the future, first up to 250 players, and later on even couple of thousand players.

                              One needs to register in order to play for free.

                              The address:



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