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    Greeting Everyone!

    I would like to recommend a new online game which just came out called Lord Empires. The game is very deep, with a lot of thought going into the game mechanics. You take on the role of a ruler in the middle ages and your goal is to build up and develop your city. Unlike Sim city though, progress mainly depends on how well you collaborate with your neighbors (which are human players). You can do several things such as trade, connect roads and also go to war. The war system is much more advanced then the other browser games.

    The main focus of the game is on the "clan" aspect though, you can create your own clan and can work together to win the country or religion elections which are held once every month or group up to fight rogues or other clans.

    The game is TOTALLY free and was designed so that you do not need to spend much time per day on it. You can RP a ruler over a great city state if you wish, it`s all up to the player!

    If you liked games such as Lunar Wars, Nation States, Cybernations, Erepublik, Ogame, Travian, Tribal Wars or SW Combine, then you will like this one.

    To join the game go here:

    I hope to see you join up, so until then!

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