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Using Battleground Europe for World of Tanks

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  • Using Battleground Europe for World of Tanks

    I just participated in a "realism event" on the MMO Battleground Europe last weekend. It was only tanks and nothing but tanks. It was a blast! No planes, no sappers, not anti tank guns, no squishies...heaven.

    The best part about Battleground Europe compared to World of Tanks is the fact that it's first person and of course the map is huge. I just can't seem to get into anything but a 1st person shooter when it involves tanks or planes. Nothing like getting that Tiger's butt in your sights with an M4a1 76 or a Churchill Mark VII at 500 meters and watch the turret pop.

    Anyway I'm going to bug the Rats to explore the possibility of opening a practice server on a regular basis for just tanks. I think it would be a real fun time.

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    All tank games can be a lot of fun in FPS games. Red Orchestra has some maps that are essentially tank-only, too. It's a hoot.

    Glad you're enjoying Battleground Europe. How's your WWIII mod coming along?
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      I ran into a snag and I'm waiting for some assitance from the developer. Usually they've been pretty good about it but not this time.


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        Red orchestra tanking is amazing! when you get in that tiger.... nothing can stop u! same with the josef stalin II
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