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    Damned pretty. Try to get a fleet combat pic when you can with your high end graphics, I wanna see the results


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      Originally posted by BKnight3 View Post
      Damned pretty. Try to get a fleet combat pic when you can with your high end graphics, I wanna see the results
      I'll try but it's damned hard to do. Usually when in combat there are other things to worry about and as of yet I've only remembered to take pictures after the battles is over.

      To be quite honest it's often so hectic that I barely remember what was going on in the graphics department myself, as my attention is usually directed towards the overview, target window and commands from the fleet commander.

      Still I hope I'll remember some day.


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        I really really wanted to enjoy this game but the learning curve was way to steep for me.


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          Originally posted by A7V View Post
          I really really wanted to enjoy this game but the learning curve was way to steep for me.



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            Originally posted by String View Post

            Thanks great, I like how EvE has the death gorge complete with body bulldozer.
            “Come and take it!"


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              I can agree that Eve the best MMORPG. It's the only one that feels like a real, breathing universe. You are immediately immersed from your first login. Really, anything is possible.

              As a fun game though, it fails. Combat is pretty simple. Your only challenge is maneuvering your ship properly. Everything moves so slowly that it's hard to get excited about any of it.

              So that's my quick opinion.


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                Originally posted by cmall View Post
                Combat is pretty simple. Your only challenge is maneuvering your ship properly. Everything moves so slowly that it's hard to get excited about any of it.

                So that's my quick opinion.
                I'd say it's more of the easy to learn, hard to master variety


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                  You should been in Eve just after launch. There was no curve at all. Everyone suffered.

                  All kidding aside it is the one game I can come back to over and over. The complexity is what takes it a step further for me. There are so many avenues of play that can make the game fun for almost anyone. Yes, PVP is the main focus of the game, but it doesn't mean it's only a shooting PVP. Ever try to corner a market in a region? It can be done. Outproduce everyone else at something? Undercut the markets? Yep. Been there done that. Lots of fun. Invent hundreds of Tech 2 blueprints. Buy Tech 2 Original Blueprints. Have someone declare war on you so they can shoot you in empire space? Yep. Shoot back with glee? You got it.

                  So many things to do. So many things to do.

                  I also play Wow, but I am starting to get bored with it. Not enough variety for me.
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                    I found the game somewhat boring when I tried the free trial, But its very interesting to read about.
                    The unique universe of EVE Online has taken another turn for the crazy with news that a player named Xabier, the former Investments Manager at the in-game Dynasty Banking operation, has absconded with over 80 billion ISK.


                    So it was when last week, according to Massively, Xabier walked away from Dynasty Banking with a tidy 86 billion ISK, the EVE Online currency, an amount which he says is now worth over 106 billion ISK thanks to investments. Manalapan, the chairman of Dynasty Banking, pegged the embezzled amount at the slightly lower mark of 82.5 billion ISK, but the difference is academic. A huge sum of money is gone.

                    Manalapan issued a statement claiming that it is not yet even confirmed that Xabier has in fact run off with the money, although he admitted that a dividend payment on a bond has been missed and that Xabier's bio now reads, "Thanks for all the fish." He also urged customers not to jump to conclusions at this point, assuring them that should the worst turn out to be true, the bank has enough in reserve to cover the loss. "All withdrawal requests are being dealt with this very moment but as I am sure you are aware there is an above average amount, and so we ask for patience with this matter," he said. "Dynasty Banking will get over these times and we will continue to strive to earn the public's faith as one of the leading banks of Eve Online."


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                      Finally got a few pictures from combat situations.


                      An Armageddon class Battleship spreading the light of God.

                      An Abbadon at Lantorn, taking down the final defenses of the Minmatar forces there.

                      An Armageddon at Lantorn, taking down the final defenses of the Minmatar forces there.

                      Attacking the Minmatar command center in Lantorn.

                      The Golden Fleet.

                      A Crusader class Interceptor under heavy fire.


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                        I just started playing this game again. (I did the trial last summer but couldn't play regularly due to RL.) and I have say I'm impressed. Once I figured out what i was doing and I could concentrate on the fun stuff, like fitting out my ship, without worrying about losing my stuff, the game became quite a bit less frustrating. Its like Freelancer on steroids.

                        I ditched my frigate, bought a destroyer and am currently working my way to assault ships. I haven't touched the trade/industrial portion of the game yet except some mining. And I'm not in a corp yet but, athough I hear the game really takes off when you get in a corporation, I'm having a lot of fun with it now.

                        The only thing that matters is how well you walk through the fire.
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                          For those who do not know, CCP released a new expansion in early march, providing us 2500 new systems to explore with a lot of new content. Randomly closing and opening wormholes provide the real chance of getting "lost in space". Never mind the ancient guardian drones left behind by some long gone civilization.

                          Today I took part of a short expedition to wormhole space, also know as "W-Space" in the capsuleer community. This expedition consited of three PIE Inc. members, Vestha Yoshida, Laerise, Nuuskur and a 24th Imperial Crusade pilot Chase Starbright

                          Commander Yoshida was the leader and logistics officer in a Guardian class logistics cruiser, Commander Laerise and Lt. Nuuskur provided damage support in a Navy Issue Omen and a Zealot class cruisers respectively and pilot Starbright was engaged in salvage retrieval in a Malediction class interceptor..

                          The expedition started from Barira system and was already well under way when I finally arrived. But it was interesting to note that the combat conditions were significantly altered by the presence of a pulsar nearby. Shield capacities were increased as were signature sizes and targeting ranges while armor resistances and capacitor recharge were weakened.

                          A Guardian and a Pulsar

                          As the system the wormhole lead to had been more or less cleared we were happy to discover another wormhole that led deeper into unknown space. This system had no obvious differences from the space we had been accustomed to, which was good as our ships were optimized for armour and not shields.

                          A Zealot and a Navy Issue Omen entering an unknown system

                          Several sites were quickly located that contained the fabled "Sleeper Drones" that had been left behind by whatever ancient civilization once inhabited these lands. With the logistical support provided by the Guardian it was just a matter of time before those drones were defeated, although it must be said that those vessels were obviously more capable than anything the rogue drones or any pirate organization had thrown at us before.

                          A cruiser sized sleeper drone under fire

                          A sleeper drone battleship retaliating

                          In the end we cleared out four locations, with the third being the most interesting and also the most difficult. What at first seemed to be an abandoned and damaged stronghold turned out to be a heavily defended complex, with several battleship sized drones arriving to defend it and causing some tense moments as our logistics and armour repairing capabilities barely kept up with the enormous damage they dished out. Eventually though, they all fell to our concentrated laser fire.

                          The site contained numerous damage databanks and, most interestingly, an abandoned and damaged cruiser hull, totally alien in design and nature. Pilot Starbright managed to extract some very interesting bits and pieces off that hulk.

                          Commander Laerise and Lt. Nuuskur inspecting a drone wreck

                          After the battle

                          After that close call we inspected and cleared out another complex and then returned home, all of us richer in experience as well as various interesting and alien gadgets.

                          On the way home.


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                            EVE Online is good because it doesn't separate its playerbase with mirror realms/servers like most other mmos do...this allows the game to be extremely large and epic just like space should be.


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                              Just started back playing as well. This game is amazingly complex. I am being open minded this time and loving it.



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                                I started playing this a month ago. Got into a decent corp the second night and I have been having fun since. 2 wardecs Ive survived, Ive lost I don't know how many frigates as I play around and tackle anything. Im slowing improving my skills, as I have split myself between being a pvper and a miner.


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