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Anybody tries out Tabula Rasa MMO game?

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  • Anybody tries out Tabula Rasa MMO game?


    I just got my seven day free trial of Tabula Rasa MMO game, Richard Garnett's game. It's a combination of role-playing and sci-fi genres. So far, it looks cool, but I don't know if it plays cool.

    You can go to website here:

    Has anybody here tried out the games so far?

    Thanks for some feedback!

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    I played the beta, and it was ok. From what I understand it has gotten much better.


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      I played during Beta and for a few months after. I found it got boring.

      There is some good ideas in the game but not enough to aviod it seeming like an endless grind of doing the same quests over and over. There is little reason to group since you can solo every quest. The is no reason to interact with any other player except when they kill the monster that you have been waiting 1/2 hour for to spawn. Alot of the game consists of searching for wandering monsters to finish quests.
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