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Atlas has been trashed by the latest update.

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  • Atlas has been trashed by the latest update.

    The Devs for Atlas, the massive multiplayer pirate game, released an updated map last weekend. It is called The Maelstrom. It is designed to make multiplayer easier to get started which it is. Unfortunately, they decided to replace their Oceans world of 45,000 square kilometer with one about half of that size. Worse yet, to consolidate the various islands in the game download, they deleted about half of the existing island types while adding replacement. The results is that update trashed all maps on the private servers. This update trashed all games in progress including all single player ones.

    Needless to say, everyone is pissed at losing all of their progress as well as private server owners having to start over from scratch. That is especially bad given that Atlas requires a server for each map sector thus making it extremely expensive for someone or a group to host a small 3x3 world. (Oceans originally used 255 separate servers which is now down to 121 servers.)

    Still, it is a good game if you haven't played it before and stay off of the one official North American server.
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