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Atlas, a MMO pirate game based upon Ark Survival Evolved.

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  • Atlas, a MMO pirate game based upon Ark Survival Evolved.

    I'm not sure how this is going to work on such a scale. But, the creators of Ark Survival Evolved, taking an idea from a mod that was made for the game, have created a world based upon the same basics as Ark. An open world first person shooter with the same graphic quality as Ark. Multiplayer cooperation or fighting, owning land and managing its resources, working with other players or AI characters, crafting to build your own ships, sailing on the high seas to do battle with other ships or sea monsters, seeking treasure, and a host of other activities.

    The scale is massive unlike the 80 player limits on server or the vast 48 square kilometers of The Island. Atlas is HUGE,
    1. A 40,000 player server for PVP or PVE
    2. 45,000 square kilometers of area to sail.
    3. Over 700 unique land masses to explore and colonize.
    4. Players build experience, gain power, can marry and have children, grow old, and eventually need to pass on that power to a new character, or look for the fabled Fountain of Youth.
    5. Powerful mystical creatures to battle and defeat, possibly even tame.
    6. The Dev Kit will be released for players to create their own world on private servers and modify it as they wish.

    It is a vast undertaking of which we got a hint when they were still using Ark characters as placeholders.

    Atlas unlocks December 13 for PC and is reported to be $30 by one of the gaming magazines. It will soon be available for consoles as well. Expect a 100G download. The contents for this game is massive.
    The original trailer four months ago using characters from Ark;

    The official trailer that just came out with characters designed for Atlas.

    This is going to be a most interesting game upon it's release.

  • SRV Ron
    Update, Atlas continues to be updated almost daily for balance and bug fixes. The four official maps of 255 servers 15x15 linked together continue to be dominated by several large companies of hundreds of players working together to claim large sections of the maps. Lawless zones have been added to allow more chances to get into the game. There is now a choice of getting a raft, or a ramshackle sloop at the Freeport. Still, official servers are nearly impossible to get started on due to all of the claimed land and the need to make playing Atlas your full time job. Features, such as the Fountain of Youth, are being added in. You can now tame the dragon for several hours by feeding it a taming token that will cost you 40,000 gold coins. Whales can be found that killed will give you a thousand+ gold coins. Just be aware that if you pick a fight with an aggressive one, you run a high risk of having your ship destroyed by it.

    Like Ark, private servers are the way to go for the casual player. With the ability to customize your map sectors, private server clusters are the way to go. They can be as small as one server, or the map can be made as big as the people hosting the map want to make it with server clusters. 2x2 up to 5x5 and larger are most popular. Pirating is becoming very popular in spite of the spoil sports and babies crying over being unable to get in the game, being killed, or the lag when 30+ ships, containing 30+ people and NPCs each, engage into fleet battles or raids on huge bases. Just look up your favorite You Tube gamer and enjoy the adventure.

    Mods are now available for private servers that feature add ons like Ark and have their storage, gather rates, taming, a starter package, etc... speeded up to reduce the grind.

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  • SRV Ron
    Desktop was down until yesterday.

    Atlas got a rocky start due to a rush of gamers trying to jam the Freeport locations which are limited to 150 players on the four cloud based servers. It was next to impossible to get in to get started. It is slowly getting better as Lawless zones are opened up for starting locations and daily updates fix and tweak issues.

    The live streams were outstanding due to being limited to a select group on the 21. Then, everything was jammed upon the official release.

    Currently, it is getting very difficult to get anywhere due to the land claims and roving bands of Ships of the Dammed that will blow your ship out of the water.

    Serious players are having much better luck with setting up private servers although they need to set them up as a min 2x2 matrix with a 4x4 being much preferred. The official maps are huge being 15x15 matrices. Most of the You Tube players are doing just that.

    Unlike Fallout 76, which was released as a finished game at the full price of $60 and was a total buggy unfinished ripoff of Fallout 4, Atlas is advertised as in its early development stage and is discounted to $24.95. It's current problems are being caused by too many people trying to play at once.

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  • SRV Ron
    Unlock is delayed until December 19 as last minute bugs are worked out.

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