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Battleground Europe 14 Day Free Trial Promotion

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  • Battleground Europe 14 Day Free Trial Promotion

    Battleground Europe Measures Best with Free Trial

    Promotion challenges best to take up arms

    Bedford, TX, April 11th, 2008 - Cornered Rat Software is inviting gamers to a special 14-day free trial of their award-winning MMOG, "WWII Online: Battleground Europe" with great prizes and a special rank bonus for those who exhibit the skills and instincts to defeat their enemy in combat. PC and Mac gamers can create a free 14-day trial account, download the game and compete in a test of skills on the virtual battlefields of World War II Europe.

    Each week, the player who scores the greatest number of kills in selected categories will be awarded a free 1-year subscription to "Battleground Europe". A special rank bonus, unlocking additional weapons and equipment, will be awarded to those trial players who perform above and beyond in their duty to defeat enemy forces. See the trial information page for more details at

    About Battleground Europe:
    Set in World War II Western Europe, "Battleground Europe" features more than 600 towns and cities and 29,000 buildings and a zone-less map covering 350,000 Km (Over 217,000 miles) of terrain where battles rage for days and campaigns for weeks.

    Whether you want to be a British sharpshooter, French tank commander or a German fighter-pilot, "Battleground Europe" has an assignment waiting for you. With over 100 weapons and vehicles accurately modeled and utilizing military-grade physics, every soldier can make a measurable contribution in the battle for Western Europe!

    For more information visit the official "Battleground Europe" website at
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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