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Internet service, and your games performance

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    started a topic Internet service, and your games performance

    Internet service, and your games performance

    This is a tech news thing, maybe you have heard about this, maybe not.

    Posting this in MMO games, because I think MMO games are likely the one spot where you guys might witness this effect.

    World of Warcraft (if I am not mistaken) transfers updates via the torrent program process for instance.

    If you are Canadian (some of us are) it might interest you to know, that Bell Canada has recently elected to massively throttle the performance of that part of the internet that employs the torrent process.

    Many reasons are being thrown around, but, it seems in the end, Bell Canada is exceeding what it should be allowed to do.
    As a result, Bell is currently hemorrhaging customers at a considerable pace.

    There may well be deterioration of line quality for your gaming updates as a result of this. Something to look into.

    I've been following this thread here.
    It's a long read though. Just so you know.

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