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    Just wanted to mention to anyone who may care that I've dusted off my old copy of Unreal Tournament (i.e. the 1999 version, not 2003, 2004, Championship, etc...). Wow, what an excellent game. I've just been running through the stock maps and playing against the bots, and have been having a blast.

    I also have UT 2003 which is fun too... but something about the first one just keeps me hooked.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share. If there are any other UT players out there, I might be tempted to host a game or two sometime.

    (The original Unreal also happens to be my favorite FPS... though I've been having some fun with Call of Duty lately. Yes, I have an old computer. So sue me.)
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    I was a student at Chicago's Columbia College when Jeff, our computer lab manager, showed me the first screenshots of Unreal. That was in 1998. The game looked so good I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Of course once I got my hands on the game I played the stock single player campaign from the beginning to the end and not once but a couple times. Back then in 1998 having huge environments with an open sky, sunshine and animated clouds (or stars at night) was a big deal in VR games because programmers were only beginning to figure out how to design that. Claustrophobic narrow tunnels and small caves of Quake were the dominant design philosophy.

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      Agreed. The music is also most excellent. I burned it to an audio CD.
      "I am not an atomic playboy."
      Vice Admiral William P. Blandy


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        Ut 99

        This game is old but far from dead. There are hundreds and sometimes thousands playing online at any given moment around the world.
        I've been playing this game for years. I mainly play the full-auto sniper mod but I really get into the Redeemers too.
        I've played the 2K4 version of the game but I still like the UT99 the best by far.
        If you decide to get away from the stock maps and venture online, stop by and holler on our forum if you have any problems or need anything. We have many people who can help you out.

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          I still have this game as well, and on occasion still play it.

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          Too bad.....


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