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Tatsumaki: Land at War

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  • Tatsumaki: Land at War

    Tatsumaki: Land at War

    "Tatsumaki: Land at War is an independently developed MMORPG based upon the early 16th century in Japan, before the corruption of its purest art forms by the infection of firearms. As a Japanese man or woman from this era you must decide what you need to do to survive in a realistically crafted fantasy Japan.
    Take arms against usurpers who would see to take the power of the Shogunate by force, Join a rebel faction and add a notch to your belt every time you fell an Honor Guard, or enjoy the simple life, fishing, farming, crafting, and caring for the family pet. The limits are few and hard to find as you explore and enjoy the world of Japan in a time of war."
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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    I'm willing to try any MMO at least once. What i like about this one is the time frame it take place in.

    I've never heard of Eyes Out Entertainment who i believe is making the game. Hope it turns out well.


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