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has anyone heard about hellgate:london

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  • has anyone heard about hellgate:london

    i saw some on the internet about game called hellgate: london. i was wondering if anyone knew when it was coming out and anything they know about this game
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    I read a big PC Gamer article about it a few months back. It's basically an MMORPG from the creators of Diablo, I think. It looks pretty promising with massive potential for free-roaming quests.


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      I dont believe it's an MMO, but it is a FPS RPG, like Deus Ex maybe.


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        Nah I think it is an MMO, and they are also going to charge for it as well now.


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          Well, the info you read is not entirely wrong.

          Here is some info i read on the game from GameSpy;

          How will it work? Out of the box, you'll have access to the entire single-player game, three character slots, a stash that can hold about twenty items, a soft level cap of about 35-40 (this will be ironed out later), basic voice chat, buddy lists, guild membership, and online co-op play.

          For $9.99 a month, you can subscribe to Elite, which will give you access to ongoing content (more on this in a bit), about twelve or more characters, a larger stash that can be shared between characters, a level cap that increases as content is released, access to a special train that takes you to Elite areas, and the ability to form guilds and choose different gameplay modes (PvP, Hardcore mode, and so on). "Ongoing content" is made up of stuff like new locations, quests, enemies, item drops, player housing, and even character classes. Flagship is estimating that about 40% of the development team will be focused on just creating new content for Elite subscribers

          The online sounds like it has aspects of a MMO, but not entirely a 24/7 persistant world like a MMO.

          I dont mind paying for new cotent, i.e. Oblivion style, but paying monthly? Not sure i really like that idea much. But, the game does look pretty good.
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