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Bad news for BF2'ers

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  • Bad news for BF2'ers

    With the successful release of Battlefeld 2142 in the last 6 months, EA have decided to remove the stat feed from Battlefield 2 and focus solely on 2142 in the future.

    An EA Spokesperson had this to say: "Battlefield 2 is closing in on it's 2nd birthday and at that time we will discontinue the tracking of statistics. We plan to increase the different types of stats on offer for 2142, and as it is the game to take us into the next few years, we need more resources available to make this happen. Battlefield 2 has had a fantastic run thus far and we believe that 2142 can not only have a much longer life span, but also a more enjoyable one."

    Once BF2 stats are stopped they will still be viewable via the in game menu and official EA stat sites but all feeds to external websites such as will cease and in game ranks will no longer appear. This news is bound to cause a stir amongst the loyal BF2 players but it seems EA are banking on alot of them moving across to 2142.
    Im not to happy with EA without them taking out the stats well im not buyin 2142 and im even angrier at them for this
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    That would be an April Fools joke then?

    Dr. S.
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      Anyone taking anything serious on April 1 is likely just risking being a tragedy that didn't need to happen.
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        Stats? What are those?

        I've been enjoying the recently released Desert Conflict Mod for BF2.


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          Whoah, I was almost going to write a letter to my congressman!

          Great joke by EA.

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