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  • Mythos

    Mythos detailed, will be free

    MMORPG from Flagship's Seattle studio will be free to download, free to play; engine based on technology powering Hellgate: London's multiplayer.
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    This is the kind of thing that I want to see. I'm enjoying my forray through Warcrack, but it is a social thing for me. When the 3 PC lan allowed us to play 3 at a time, and my kids all got accounts, we can get 6 of us going at the same time, and we're all family/friends. THAT is why I play these games.


    What does 1 yr sub X 4 accounts (my 'share') work out to for a yearly budget? Too damned much! I gave Guild Wars a shot, but not enough of one... Enjoyed DDO quite a bit, but have yet to try it in the same setting as I'm now playing 'crack on... So hopefully a mess of free MMOs could conceivably see the average sub price come down to something a little easier on the wallet.
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      well, this at least should be a nice looking game. i just dont see free to play MMO's being very successful, or very good.


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        Originally posted by jayedub7423 View Post
        well, this at least should be a nice looking game. i just dont see free to play MMO's being very successful, or very good.
        Bah! MUDs / MUSHs / MOOs / M*s have been around for quite a while, and some are very good.

        "Successful"... well, depends on what you mean by success.
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          ahh, you make a good point.

          i guess when i say successful, i'm thinking that you wont see free-to-play mmo's replacing the normal pay-to-play mmo's.


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